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Recent content by anoli

  1. anoli

    Anoli, Happy Birthday.......

    Thank you Mama san :)
  2. anoli

    SuziWong, Happy Birthday.....

    On your birthday Suzi, wishing you everything that please you & filled with moments that make your day, a special one ! anoli :)
  3. anoli

    Press Conference Photos - Canada (Jan 12, 2007)

    Wow..Ohh Thank you Suzi too new photo :p Greets anoli
  4. anoli

    Just Joined

    Hello and welcome HappyFace. Greets anoli ;)
  5. anoli

    Posting Images To The Gallery

    I thank for informations Craig. Greets anoli :)
  6. anoli

    Just joined...

    Hello Jim ;) Welcome to the site and in new year 2007 Greetings from Poland anoli ;)
  7. anoli

    Craig,Happy Birthdays

    On your special day I wish you: For the only tears appearing in your eyes To be crystal tears of joy So that an ecstatic smile on your face Would never be covered...Best wishes anoli :p Hot Greetings from Poland ;)
  8. anoli

    Movies Attack Force - 5th December 2006

    Hello hamper king and welcome... Happy New Year anoli ;)
  9. anoli

    James Brown, `Godfather of Soul,' dead at 73

    Michael Jackson always admired James Brown,it liked from child supposedly and it survives surely... Happy New Year anoli
  10. anoli

    Happy New Year...

    New year's eve frenzy and quiet days in new year 2007... anoli :p
  11. anoli

    I new here

    Hello Queen and welcome to the site ;) Greetings from Poland anoli
  12. anoli

    TBS Interview

    Wow ...is super,thank you...thank you...thank you Craig :D Greets anoli from Warsaw ;)
  13. anoli

    Wow- Steven plays right next to my home town!

    Probably you have this luck supertom !! Greets anoli
  14. anoli

    James Brown, `Godfather of Soul,' dead at 73

    Yes...it sad message :(.Singer is and there will be legendary.My dad It likes him very .... Greets anoli
  15. anoli

    Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

    Merry Christmas" in Polish "Wesołych Świąt"