Flight Of Fury

2007 Flight Of Fury

The plot is simple. A stealth bomber which become invisible has been taken by the operative. He sells it to terrorists in Afghanistan. Most of the terrorists had nice English accents, but this is partly explained in the movie. Steven Seagal's character, John has to retrieve it. Finally Steven Seagal has got rid of the role he has played in the majority of his DTV's and plays something new here - a pilot.

The action is certainly a lot better than we have seen previously, but they are still nowhere near as good as his early movies. A lot of the shots are in darkened places, it is hard to see what is happening. Also the camera is too close in most of the hand to hand sequences. I prefer to see what is happening. Some parts are great though, the knife work is pretty good. The stunt double is also not as visible in the sequences, but he is still there for some scenes where there is no fighting, but he is not as noticeable. I think the pipe sequence is a bit silly. He hits the guy over the head for what seemed like a minute. Eventually he disables him by a tap to the stomach/chest.

Steven Seagal looks good in this movie, he seems to have lost a bit of weight and puts in a good performance.

Picture quality is great, we have not really had many problems with visual quality in his DTV releases. There were a few shots that were very poor quality, but these were stock footage. There was a lot of stock footage in the movie, but the majority was good. No Thunderbird like sequences in this movie. :) Sound quality was also good, but once more we had some dubbing. Not as bad as previous releases and at least this time they had someone that actually sounded similar.