Out Of Reach

2004 Out Of Reach

Overall i must say it's on a par with Belly Of The Beast, and is 10 times better than The Foreigner and Out For A Kill.

Okay the story is quite weak, and as pointed out before, it is a bit strange that the penpal knew that she would be helped by her distant friend. The plot is easy to follow.

Again the voice over, it is not Seagal, in my opinion this ruins the film. It sounds weird! Wait till you hear it. It doesn't happen just once or twice, but many times throughout the movie, some segments are long too. :(

The fight sequences are excellent. I think they are a bit better than Belly Of The Beast too. :) In this movie, the stunt double is not too noticable. :)

Overall i think this would be much better if they sorted out the sound