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  1. irimi-nage

    The great Seagal compilation

    This guy made a very funny compilation of steven seagal movies. You guys should check it! Chreers!
  2. irimi-nage


    Hello, Its been a while since i haven't been on this great forum and i have missed a lot of news of steven.. Actually,.. what is he doing now?, any new movie coming up? Thanks
  3. irimi-nage

    Why Do Steven's Movies..

    Hi, Small question : Why do steven's movies always take 90 mins? Leander
  4. irimi-nage

    from what show is this?

    i just found this : http://www.atel.org.uk/images/seagal01.gif from what show is this?? Thanks!
  5. irimi-nage

    introducing myself and a question

    Hi! my name is Dernie im 16years old ,im from the netherlands and i am a seagal fan for about 3 weeks:D i almost saw all his movies and im also thinking about taking aikido lessons. here's my question , does anybody know the title or a link for the theme from above the law /nico. cheers!