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  1. Inzi

    Steven Seagal on your Mobile Phone?

    Who thinks it would be a good idea to have maybe a Steven Seagal forum as you go for your mobile phone? That way you can reply to these threads as your out the door or on a really long trip where you dont have or you forgot your laptop? Just a thought, let me know what you think ^^ -Inzi
  2. Inzi

    Above the Law Steven Seagal Figure?

    Hello, This has been posted before from my husband, but I wanted to help too. I also need help. I am trying to track down and locate someone who has the "Above the law" Steven Seagal Action figure. I've tride numerous of places online. If anyone has one up for sale please let me...
  3. Inzi

    Photo graphic design idea?

    The site is over all nice I think. Very well put together. I've noticed it also captures the younger generation. Perhaps for them we could create a point system for posting. Say you have 346 points in posting you could create a small mini shop with little steven seagal character designs you...
  4. Inzi


    Konnichiwa ogenki des ka?/ Hello how are you ^^ I am new to the site, sorry it took a while for me to intro I just updated my profile and signature making it all fancy. My husband got me into Steven Seagal's movies so I figured I'd join in on the fun discussions I was missing. My husbands...