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  1. Deka1966

    Whats the most intersting place you have been

    Just wondering the most interesting place you have been , i have had the luck to travel for the last year around the crazy planet of ours and i would say the most interesting place has got to be CHILE...... the city was Santiago a very populated but wonderful place with great food and...
  2. Deka1966

    What have I missed

    Greetings everybody new and old been on a voyage of discovery for over a year around the big wide world , can you let me know what has happened on the site, are the same people on let me know look forward to your replies derek
  3. Deka1966

    Unexplained things

    I know its late but do you have any strange and unexplained goings on 1 why is there always one black carrot in a tin of carrots, every tin I open has one 2 why do people put down the phone when the answer phones kicks in 3 why is when you fancy that chocolate biscuit you got to the biscuit...
  4. Deka1966

    Should the frog stay ?

    There has been a lot of hostility towards my frog . So lets put it to the site should the frog stay ? You decide..........
  5. Deka1966

    What are your strangest sandwich fillings.

    What are the strangest sandwich fillings you eat ? Here are a few of mine tuna fish and cheese sandwiches . apple and banana sandwiches with a little sugar on the apple
  6. Deka1966

    The Worst Birthday or Christmas present received.

    What is the worst Birthday or Christmas present you have been given. Mine is a present I was given by my Grandma ( god bless her ) at Christmas time . The present was a Star Trek annual , I hear you say not a bad present to receive yes when your 10 years old not 35 year old. But hey its...
  7. Deka1966

    What English shows do people outside the UK watch

    Just wondering since must of the tv shows I watch are American made , what uk shows do people outside of the UK watch ( if any ) ?
  8. Deka1966


    Hi can anyone tell me how many albums Steven Seagal has made ? and the title or titles of the albums so I can get a copy thanks deka1966
  9. Deka1966

    New To The Site

    Hello everyone , Just thought I would drop you line and introduce myself , keep up the good work the site is excellent !! cheers Derek