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  1. TwoCents

    Stuntman/choreographer of Submerged speaks out against Seagal

    Yeah I think there is some truth, come on lets not get blinded by our fandom, we can all be difficult sometimes and we can all have an ego, Seagal included.
  2. TwoCents

    'Empire' magazine Seagal article

    Born in Japan? this is the second time I've heard him say things along those lines (simular comment was made in the black dawn dvd interview) Steven I love you man but lets keep thing truthful...
  3. TwoCents

    Long Time No Post

    Hey Guys, I've been off this world wide web world for a long time! and have missed all my Seagal related news and have been way behind on his career. I recently watched Black Dawn and Shadow Man and although some parts of Black Dawn were not so good, I though it was an above average movie and...
  4. TwoCents

    Black Dawn - Trailer

    Looks interesting, not a martial arts actioner more of a thriller. I know it's the same character as The Foriegner but I hope this is a better movie fingers crossed :)
  5. TwoCents

    Why did steven change his rug?

    I prefered his hair in a ponytail like Into the Sun I don't really like his hair in Belly Of The Beast or The Foreigner or Today You Die but it doesn't matter we are not buying his movies for his hair style are we? I don't know about anyone else but I've had far more bad styles than Seagal...
  6. TwoCents

    Today You Die : Review From Choking On Pop Corn

    Ouch, very harsh :gun:
  7. TwoCents

    Into The Sun Reviews

    It didn't bother me, this is my favorite DTV film of his I would have prefered if some of the characters who spoke poor english would have spoken their mother tongue and had that subtitled too, I watch a lot of foreign cinema so subtitles are never a problem for me plus whenever the action...
  8. TwoCents

    Has Seagal changed his acting style?

    Yes he is more laid back but I see that as a kinda cool persona for his films and works well now he is (a little) older, I must admit though watching Marked For Death the other day seeing Seagal run, shout and be really animated was a pleasure.
  9. TwoCents

    Today You Die - Preview Clips

    Cool clips, something strange though in the small fight clip the far shots have SS in a brown jacket the close ups a black jacket ruins the fight to be honest.
  10. TwoCents

    Steven Seagal sued for $14 million by production company

    Hmmm I don't know what to think, it would be very easy to be blinded by fandom to Seagal and take his side but I don't know I have not witnessed any of this so I can't say what went on so i'll just wait and see what happens I guess.
  11. TwoCents

    Submerged - review

    I've been away a week and come back to so many pages of posts to read...phew I have just seen Submerged with my girlfriend she actually took the dog out after 30 mins which made it clear her opnion of the movie but as a fan I watched until the end. I know people keep talking about it but I...
  12. TwoCents

    Into The Sun advertisement in Hungary

    As a man I don't seem to notice Steven looking at that LOL :p
  13. TwoCents

    OK!How many of you are for real???

    I stood up for myself in high school in front of a girl I liked and got my ass kicked! lol. Only been in one fight as an adult while under the influence, it wasn't tough or pretty just lots of swinging arms and falling over from both of us :p
  14. TwoCents

    adam sandler

    I'm not the biggest fan I didn't like some of his more recent films like Mr Deeds or 50 First Dates neither were awful just didn't appeal to me. My favs are Happy Gilmore, Anger Management (I to love JN and think they worked really well together), The Waterboy and The Wedding Singer. :)
  15. TwoCents

    Man On Fire

    A very good movie really enjoyed it i like the way it had a slower pace to start so the characters were developed and the relationship was believable which made the second half all the more sweet, Dakota is a great actress to match Denzil she's one of the few child stars you forget is a child...
  16. TwoCents

    Review : The Foreigner

    I didn't like the ending seemed a build up to nothing, one of Seagals weakest but at least a little different.
  17. TwoCents

    Submerged - review

    I can cope with the action not being as good as his prime, I can cope with lower budgets and even flimsy plots but the voice dubbing is something I can't, I watched Out Of Reach for the first time the other day and although people had said about the dubbing I didn't know it was both the...
  18. TwoCents

    What Movie Is Burning Up Your VHS/DVD Player Right Now?

    Out Of Reach oh dear....:(
  19. TwoCents

    Perlman Preps For Hellboy 2.

    I've not seen the directors cut of HB1 is it a lot better that the original cinema release?
  20. TwoCents

    Alien Vs. Predator II Is A Go.

    Alien Vs Preditor was pretty dire very empty and dumbed down and not as good as any of the franchise it comes from.