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    Happy Birthday Kathy!!!

    I wish you a very special day. Enjoy your life.
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    Happy father´s day

    I wish a happy day for evry father. HAPPY FATHER´S DAY DADDY!!!
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    Have you ever seen Steven wearing shorts? I never did. I´d like to see his legs. wow..........
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    Is there anyone that is a budhist from HBS(Honmon Butsuryu -Shu) I´m from Brazil, but this religion was born in Japan. I wanna share some experiences.
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    Hi guys! I wanna know if anyone want to chat anytime, i miss those friday´s chat, but it´s better for me to chat on the others week day. Does anyone wanna chat with me? I´ll be waiting, just send a message.
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    Cancun ???????

    A Friend Of Mine Went To Cancun A Few Years Ago And She Told Me She Saw Steven Seagal´s Mansion, It´s Was Fantastic. I Wanna Know If Steven Really Owns A House There. Does Anyone Can Check It?
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    Happy Father´s Day

    Today is father´s day here in Brazil. I wish a very happy day for all fathers of the world, specially mine. Love you daddy!!!
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    A Pray for Little Dragon

    Hey Ld, How are you doing? I though about you all day long and wish you the best time in the surgery. I want to suggest all members of the Unofficial Steven Seagal Site to say a prayer for our Junior Little Dragon. We don´t know him personally, but sure we like him very much for his loyalty...
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    new and old

    My question is: what the age the newer and the older member of the Unofficial Steven Seagal Site. Just curious, because HE must have fans at every ages.
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    "things Happen In The Right Time. Things Happen Exactly When They Must Happen.if God Brought This For You, He Will Bring Something Through This. Happy Moments Praise God . Hard Moments Look For God. Silent Moments Love God. Painful Moments Trust God. Each Moment Thank God."
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    I think i´m able to tell you my friends from Steven Seagal´s site why did i become a member of it. There was a while in my life that i got so lost, i mean in spirituality, than i started looking for answers for that was happening in my life. I found answers in budhism, and martial arts, and than...
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