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  1. Robert P. Olsson

    Short made in 24 hours...

    My girlfriend was part of a team that made a short for a a swedish moviecontest where you make a short in just one day. It's a bit pretentious but totally beautiful. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=63SJGtiEh6s No dialogue, just some swedish words on a paper, that says like Good bye mom and...
  2. Robert P. Olsson

    Lovecraftian Trailer

    Hello All! Just wanted to let You know that a swedish trailer for our (BigBellyFilm) next short is out on Youtube, with english subtitles. The shortmovie is called "Fyren" ("Keeper of the Light") and I co-wrote, directed and produced it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osBHifbTKKk It's...
  3. Robert P. Olsson


    Just finnished the last episode of "Californication" with David Duchovny. Wow, wow and wow again. Mr Duchovny is one of the best in showbiz. If Steven was given the chance to star in a well produced TV-series, drama or thriller, he should do it. That would be so cool.
  4. Robert P. Olsson

    Crazy Webisodes!

    Hello all! Some of you maybe knows I make som short movies now and then. I'm part of a small productioncopmpany here in Sweden and we're making some shorts with different result. But sometimes you just wanna play and my friends at www.trashcanTV.com gives me that chance. Me and two buddys...
  5. Robert P. Olsson

    Swedish director Ingmar Bergman past on!

    (From "Det sjunde inseglet", "the seventh Seal") (Read Antonius Block as Ingmar Bergman) Antonius Block: Who are you? Death: I am Death. Antonius Block: Have you come for me? Death: I have long walked by your side. Antonius Block: So I have noticed. Death: Are you ready? Antonius...
  6. Robert P. Olsson


    Just finnished a short, written & directed by my good friend Jimi Elion. EXODUS - Trailer We're very proud of the end result. Sorry, not an action-flick-trailer with Seagal. That would be cooler. Take care Robert P. Olsson www.bigbellyfilm.se
  7. Robert P. Olsson


    Just a little something me and my friend also namned Robert put together for www.chaospaintball.com http://www.chaospaintball.com/video2005.html The music is by the swedish metalband 'Silent Scythe'.
  8. Robert P. Olsson

    I'm back!

    Hi U guys! Here’s....... Robert. It’s been a while, but I’ve been busy this summer and almost computer free. Although I’ve stopped by for brief visits from time to time. A couple of thoughts. I feel very sorry for the people of New Orleans, especially the poor. There’s so much...
  9. Robert P. Olsson

    March the 13th, 1941-poster

    Just wanted to share this with you guys... This is not advertisment. :rolleyes: :) A friend of mine just got this poster finished for the movie "March the 13th, 1941". We're also proud to get an american premier at the H.P. Lovecraft filmfestival this october. We're so very, very happy...
  10. Robert P. Olsson

    "Roseanne" on DVD

    Just saw that Roseanne (TV-show) is supposed to be released on DVD in a couple of months. Let's hope that it will be a success and that they will release a lot of seasons. In season 9 we have Steven and I haven't seen that one. "Roseambo" Episode: #9.9 - 19 November 1996"
  11. Robert P. Olsson

    BigBellyFilm - homepage

    Hi you guys. Finally the website for me and my buddys lowbudget-moviecompany BigBellyFilm is up and running, in english. There are still some things to do and the english isn't all that great, but we're getting there. Your all welcome to visit... bigbellyfilm Robert
  12. Robert P. Olsson

    If You could do a movie with Steven?

    What kind of film would you do if you had the chance to work with the big guy? I would do... Presidential Power He takes care of business in the whitehouse, but can he protect his own family. I've always dreamed of a actionthriller where Steven plays the president of the United...
  13. Robert P. Olsson

    Lousy Directors!

    Hi you all! Haven't posted anything for a while, but here I go again... I've been watching a lot of SS films for a couple of weeks. Really enjoying myself. One thing I've come up with is that the big guy needs to work with good directors again. Flops like "the Foreigner" "Half past dead"...
  14. Robert P. Olsson

    Stevens Vine?

    I just thought of something (for a change?!) A few years ago when Steven promoted "Fire down below" at Letterman he was talking about his vineyard. Is there anyone on this site that has tasted his vine? Or is there anyone with a bottle of the red Seagalish liquor? Robert