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    Hello Ann, that´s a long time i dont log in , but now a intent to make contact , see you soon

    Hello Ann, that´s a long time i dont log in , but now a intent to make contact , see you soon
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    Koda, Happy Birthday......

    thank you Mama san and Sue.
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    Other Steven's Current Location - 2010

    Where is Steven right now?
  4. K


    Take Sensei inpired me to practice any kind of martial art. I started my kung fu classes, but someday i intend to practice aikido too.
  5. K

    Transformer image/Have fun!!!!!

  6. K

    Happy Birthday, Steven Seagal !!!!!!

    I wish you a fantastic birthday my dear sensei Steven Seagal. I wish i could meet you some day...wow...dreams will never die... HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG GUY!!!!!
  7. K

    Interesting Quesiton

    I believe we all had and will have many lives. I do believe in reencarnation..
  8. K

    I will be moving from Istanbul !!!

    Send us some news.ok?
  9. K

    Koda, Happy Birthday........

    Thanks guys, so much.
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    Hofmae, Happy Birthday........

    Happy Birthday!
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    SuziWong, Happy Birthday.....

    Happy Birthday to our best spy. I wish you the best things and feelings. Have fun in your day.
  12. K

    Happy New Year...

    Happy new 2007 for all of you!
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    Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

    Feliz Natal!!
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    Happy Birthday Kathy!!!

    I wish you a very special day. Enjoy your life.
  15. K

    Music with a message

    I do love this song Connie, it´s a song in the movie Armagedon.
  16. K

    what is religion

    I agree with you zen, i0m not a really budhist, but i´m studying budhism, go to temple sometimes, i would happy if i become a real budhist some day, i´ll get it. In my opinion , Budhism is the most peaceful religion of all. Budhism is not a religion , is life philosophy.
  17. K

    "Massa" wins for first time in Istanbul F1 GrandPrix

    MASSA is a great pilot. He´s from BRAZIL!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. K

    Happy father´s day

    I wish a happy day for evry father. HAPPY FATHER´S DAY DADDY!!!
  19. K

    What pet(s) do you have?

    I have a germany sheppard and an english cocker spaniel.
  20. K

    "Steven Seagal - Better Man" lyrics

    I love this song.