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  1. lee nicholson

    Happy Brexit Day

  2. lee nicholson

    Seagal considered for Batman (1989)

    Can you picture Steven Seagal in the Batsuit? Well, Warner Bros. certainly could back in the late '80s when the role of Batman/Bruce Wayne was being cast for Tim Burton's first ever big-screen take on the iconic DC hero. To mark the 30th anniversary of the film, Screenwriter Sam Hamm gave SyFy...
  3. lee nicholson

    Happy Birthday Steven Seagal

  4. lee nicholson

    Stills / videos from deleted / behind the scenes of Seagal movies

    Whilst we're waiting for news on new Seagal movies, I thought it might be cool to see some behind the scenes pictures (or stills from deleted scenes) from his back catalogue? Here's one I found from HARD TO KILL (which I guess is at O'Mally's funeral?) Seems like a fairly elaborate (and costly)...
  5. lee nicholson

    Contract To Kill (2016) Blooper Reel

    Thought I'd upload these to youtube....Surely the first ever 'Seagal' blooper-reel? (unless you count the 95 minutes that *was* Attack Force) :D Enjoy
  6. lee nicholson

    George Foreman Challenges Steven Seagal To A 10 Round Fight In Vegas

    https://www.cbsnews.com/news/george-foreman-challenges-steven-seagal-to-a-fight-in-las-vegas/ Apparently 67 year old Foreman has no ill feelings towards Seagal, but reckons that he's the only guy near his same age, height and size....and also states that Steven can (quote) "Really fight"...
  7. lee nicholson

    Members Movie Collections

    Just wondering if other members around here, still buy Steven Seagal movies. Here is my Blu-ray collection (still need a fair few) wish Warner would release ODG, TGM & FDB? Please feel free to upload your own collections on this thread....and if anyone has any English Language titles (that I...
  8. lee nicholson

    The Asian Connection Trailer

    Has anyone seen this yet?
  9. lee nicholson

    Question About Netherlands 'a Dangerous Man' Blu-ray?

    Thinking about purchasing the Netherlands DFW (Dutch Film Works) Blu-Ray release of 'A DANGEROUS MAN', but would like to know if it's uncut. I know the German release is cut for violence, but was wondering if this one is? I have a DFW Blu-Ray release of DRIVEN TO KILL (which was uncut) but like...
  10. lee nicholson

    Happy Birthday Steven

    All the best
  11. lee nicholson

    Have You Heard This Seagal Tribute Song?

    ......I love it! :)
  12. lee nicholson

    Tick Tock Death O'clock?

    Not sure if this is a joke entry in IMDB, but they have 'TICK TOCK DEATH O'CLOCK' listed as 'In Development' (mind you it's stated as a 2021 release) Anyone heard anything?
  13. lee nicholson

    Seagal should remake Shogun Assassin / Lone Wolf series.

    This was the very first question I asked (back in the glory days of the official Steven Seagal website) and it still stands (even more relevant) today. Given that Seagal knows his way round the swordplay and foreign languages, I'd say he's never been in better age or shape to portray the...
  14. lee nicholson


    Heard today on channel 4 that STEVEN SEAGAL is hosting an entire episode of FRIDAY NIGHT PROJECT on CHANNEL 4. Will keep you posted for further details
  15. lee nicholson

    Might be old news, but has anyone seen this ORANGE advert?

    Just saw it myself (new to me) no doubt SUZI posted it up (a million years ago) but to those who haven't seen it, here goes: http://www.visit4info.com/details.cfm?adid=24647 Hope you enjoy it? peace
  16. lee nicholson

    Big lee is surprised with the sensei's music...WOW!

    I've got to admit it, when i first heard (many moons ago) that STEVEN SEAGAL was releasing a album, i was a little wary. I know he's rather good on guitar, and a bit of a singer (see TICKER, for his 'slowhand' performance) But i was astonished to hear the single "GIRL, IT'S ALRIGHT" What a...
  17. lee nicholson

    I think people need to chill, with regards to OUT OF REACH

    After seeing the review on AINTITCOOL for OUT OF REACH, I understood what the reviewer was saying. The fact of the matter might be, that OUT OF REACH is a lousy movie (god forbid) but you know what...(and this might come as a shock to some people here)...STEVEN SEAGAL is a human being (gasp) I...
  18. lee nicholson

    If SEAGAL is the bad-guy in clementine....

    ....Does that mean he'll bite the bullet at the end. I mean, you didn't see him buy the farm in EXECUTIVE DESCISION, but i don't think i could handle seeing the big guy losing a fight (and more importantly) I'm sure the ladies on this message board will be a little tearfull peace
  19. lee nicholson

    TARRANTINO flicks...or SEAGAL flicks?

    Why oh why are are so-called 'movie' fans choosing junk like KILL BILL over (say...)BELLY OF THE BEAST. KB tries to be hip, tries to be violent (believe me, it isn't as violent as people say it is) and SEAGAL is having to do STV movies. It's a disgrace, and please don't think i'm slagging off...
  20. lee nicholson

    MIssing fight scene/move from THE PATRIOT

    Has anyone else noticed the missing fight scene in THE PATRIOT? Despite most films being cut post-preduction or added 'network scene filler' (especially SEAGAL's) Whilst watching the trailer for THE PATRIOT, i noticed a brief scene of SEAGAL flipping over a military guy (this scene looks...