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  1. Бедокур

    Hi! Steven!

    Happy New Year 2014!
  2. Бедокур

    Hi! Steven!

    You must be joking? No claims, guys! Steven attention is worth more 25$! Much more! Thanks for information! By the way, Kotegashi, I want ask you one question. What do these hieroglyphs on my avatar here on the forum? Thank you!
  3. Бедокур

    Hi! Steven!

    I agree with 20$. And you will tell me what and where your shop Levis where you himself always buy one? Super-duper Levis!
  4. Бедокур

    Hi! Steven!

    Steven, you have good memory? This photo was asked in quiz! And two else. I was won 25$. Steven, new year coming! I'm out of money! God bless America and Steven! Forever!
  5. Бедокур

    Hi! Steven!

    Please tell to us, what is the most scary movie for you was! I do think "Under Siege" on Missouri. Fear not Steven! We're all people! Just for information, Steven! You owe to me 25$. Some in 2003 year I saw quiz in Global network the Internet. Quiz required to guess "Who is the most best...
  6. Бедокур

    "Ai-Ki-Do Way" Steven Seagal book

    I know Steven has been published his book at Aikido: "Ai-Ki-Do Way " - but I do not know exactly. I had seen advertisement one at old Steven Web Site in 2001-2003 years. Please, more information. I want buy it. Thanks in advance!
  7. Бедокур

    Which "cotton" prefer Steven!

    I bet favorite jeans Steven Seagal is "Levis". ... I bet- 501 model :-) He often be seen in "Levis" jeans in his movie. For example his movie: "Belly of the Beast" 1 hour, 20 min. 16 sec. See screenshot: