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    Steven Seagal attends the Asian Excellence Awards

    Great video Thanks for sharing:) she was on his show last night
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    Television Lawman - 2nd December 2009

    Love Lawman don't miss an episode:)
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    Television A&E renews "Steven Seagal: Lawman"

    Love this show, I don't miss miss an episode:)Looking forward to the new season:yin:
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    Lawman site

    I'm looking forward to seeing this new show
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    Steven Seagal Pic Of The Day.

    Great pics,I just saw him on Bio,looking forward to see his reality show in Dec.
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    Movies Against The Dark - Official Trailer

    I just got it today, its different.:yin:
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    Movies Kill Switch Trailer!!

    Great movie:)
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    Movies Steven's Upcoming Movies - 2008

    Just saw Steven's new movie Kill Switch, I loved it:):yin:Worth seeing again,I got it at Target
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    Steven Seagal Pic Of The Day.

    Great pics, Thanks for sharing:D:yin:
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    Movies Steven's Upcoming Movies - 2008

    I'm looking forward to seeing his new movie myself:):yin:
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    Urban Justice (Renegade Justice) Reviews

    I saw Urban Justice Sunday night I thought it was good I liked it:)I hope it comes on again or I'll pick it up at Blockbusters:):yin:;)
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    Mojo Priest - The Album - Sales?-

    Hey Everyone:)I'm listening to Mojo Priest its great;)Can't wait to get his next one:yin: Crystal Cave
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    Spiritual Quotes

    Mornin'All:)Have a Great Day,God Bless:apeace:
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    Music Steven's New Album "MOJO PRIEST"

    Thanks for the info:)
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    Steven Seagal: Spritual Side of Hollywood !!

    Thanks for sharing the video,My sound kept going in and out though counldn't hear all of it:mad:
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    Music Steven's New Album "MOJO PRIEST"

    GoodMorning All:) I was wondering can you buy Steven's CD's at any store or do you have to buy them on his web site?:yin:
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    The Steven Seagal Wallpaper Thread

    Great wallpaper,Thanks for sharing them:)
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    Happy Birthday, Steven Seagal !!!!!!

    HAPPY BE-LATED BIRTHDAY STEVEN:) I hope it was a great one&you got everything you wished for:yin:
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    Movies Steven's Upcoming Movies - 2008

    Lookin' forward to see his new movie:) ;) :yin:
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    Hello...Once again.

    Afternoon All,My name is Rita,I've been away for a while and decided to come back I missed you all:) :yin: