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  1. Бедокур

    My Observation Of Steven Seagal Music

    I have personal account on Facebook.com. I wanted add Steven Seagal to my "Favorite Music" - NOPE! Why Steven is not on Facebook? I do not believe, that Administration of Facebook.com do not know Steven Seagal. It is unfair! Why! Do somebody have "end" on Facebook?
  2. Бедокур

    It Would Great, If Steven Solved Revolution Stuff On Ukraine

    It would great, if Steven solved revolution stuff on Ukraine. A piece of cake! :-)
  3. Бедокур

    Who And How Many Was Meditate?

    Personally, I set in my life a record of meditation . In summer time, couple years ago, I meditated four nights - from dusk till dawn, four night by eight hours. Asana was Musubi-Dachi. Who and how many?
  4. Бедокур

    Where Is Situated Dojo Of S.seagal In L.a.?

    If not secret, where situated Dojo of Steven Seagal in L.A.? How long time one exists? May be someone know address?
  5. Бедокур

    How Many Hours Per Day Steven Meditate?

    Hi, guys! I am novice at forum. I want ask, how many Steven meditate per day? I heard, about 2 hour at day and 2 hour at night. And I heard he training about 4 hours per day. Please tell.
  6. Бедокур

    Is Steven Buddhist Lama On Far East?

    Hi, guys! I heard from Internet, and made my personal opinion (I watch Steven Seagal movie etc.) that Steven is Buddhist Lama on Far East? Which country on Far East? Which monastery? Really, interesting! Thanks for advance!
  7. Бедокур

    Hi, From Kiev, Steven!

    Steven! Come to Kiev!
  8. Бедокур

    Hi! Steven!

    Please tell to us, what is the most scary movie for you was! I do think "Under Siege" on Missouri. Fear not Steven! We're all people! Just for information, Steven! You owe to me 25$. Some in 2003 year I saw quiz in Global network the Internet. Quiz required to guess "Who is the most best...
  9. Бедокур

    "Ai-Ki-Do Way" Steven Seagal book

    I know Steven has been published his book at Aikido: "Ai-Ki-Do Way " - but I do not know exactly. I had seen advertisement one at old Steven Web Site in 2001-2003 years. Please, more information. I want buy it. Thanks in advance!
  10. Бедокур

    Which "cotton" prefer Steven!

    I bet favorite jeans Steven Seagal is "Levis". ... I bet- 501 model :-) He often be seen in "Levis" jeans in his movie. For example his movie: "Belly of the Beast" 1 hour, 20 min. 16 sec. See screenshot: