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  1. maurizio

    I have a question

    hi tenshin, i totally agree with you. by the way how long do u study aikido?
  2. maurizio

    I have a question

    hi i'm maurizio from italy and i'm a martial artist since 9 years. franklly i believe it's really hard to get a black belt in 200 days. but there are lots of ppl who want this degree but don't have patience to learn with onesty and sacrifice the arts of budo. in my opinion. maurizio
  3. maurizio


    hi everybody, I was curious if in this forum we can ask question to mr. Seagal and if he answers. Does he jump in the forum sometimes? I have to say that this site is really good, I like it very much. maurizio
  4. maurizio

    OK!How many of you are for real???

    as i was a teen ager i had lots of fights and i was pretty cool. then it happend only one time when a big drunken man did cause troble to a woman with a boy. I tried to speak with him and explain to let the woman go but he insisted. so after 10 minutes I put my hand under his chest to keep him...
  5. maurizio

    Why Haruo Matsuoka abandoned Steven Seagal?

    qustion for tenshin hi tenshin, i would ask you if there are tenshin dojos in italy?i'm not so informed about aikido so... but i would like to improve tha aikido techniques. thanks murizio
  6. maurizio

    What styles are the best for self-defense/ street situations?

    i think that is not so important what style u practice to be effective in self defense. for me there are some aspects to consider in a real fight on the street: 1. how do u feel in that moment, were u prepared to take part in a real fight or did the "enemy" make a suprise attack that u did...
  7. maurizio

    hi from italy

    vocabulary ok lonewolf your italian vocabulary is not bad....... keep on going to learn some other good italian words. ciao maurizio
  8. maurizio

    hi from italy

    and what about italian food, it's not sexy too? :) i like canada maybe one day i will go there ciao maurizio
  9. maurizio

    If You Could Ask Seagal One Question What Would It Be?

    yes it is true I always like the fight sequences of his movies, but don't you think he could do the same spectacular performances but not with so much blood and violence? as i said is only an opinion. maurizio
  10. maurizio

    hi from italy

    sicilian hi serena, i'm half sicilian too, from Palermo and sometimes i go down to visit my parents. where are you from in sicily?
  11. maurizio

    If You Could Ask Seagal One Question What Would It Be?

    media in fact suzi you are right to say to not believe the media, they must ern money and they tell often lies. what i was asking myself about steven seagal was the following and it's not a provocation, only a reflection: he says he is a spiritual person, so my question is why he still...
  12. maurizio

    If You Could Ask Seagal One Question What Would It Be?

    aikido stage i would ask him if he would like to organize an aikido stage in Italy sometimes, cause i'm very curious about "his" aikido, and would like to meet him, just to realize what kind of person he is. I don't think he is so violent like mass media tell us. maurizio
  13. maurizio

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    toto i'm listening to toto greatest hits
  14. maurizio

    hi from italy

    hello everybody my nam's maurizio and i'm from italy. I'd like to introduce myself because i'm new here. i'm 32 year old man i live in a small town in north italy and i always liked the movies of steven seagal, my fav movies are above the law and under siege, i'm a martial arts student i do...