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    Seagal makes TV commercial...

    Yes Lotus but he could be convicted of gang rape, given 3rd degree facial burns and weigh 500 pounds and you would still take a bullet for him, wouldn't you? I'm sure he'd still pump out some ****e films from jail tho - "Away for Life" or "Living with the Mob" and trailer would start "One man,....."
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    Seagal makes TV commercial...

    Yeah and if every other member of popular culture suddenly died or got ugly skin diseases..Let's face it can you see Coke or Pepsi spruiking their lemonade with seagal..."You too can put on lots of weight, just drink sprite!"
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    Belly of the Beast filming difficulties.

    I wish you'd cut me up a line of whatever you're on, cos u really are off your head...Seemingly lack the ability to comprehend any criticism (be it constructive or otherwise) of seagal and what you do post reminds me of listing to a broken backstreet boys record..I've not been here long and i'm...
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    Out For A Kill or The Foreignor?

    Back on topic, i have succeeded in eliminating any memory of either of these films as they were so mind numbingly poor.
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    I need to figure who else

    so delete the post..Or do you just want a bit of airtime.. And i suppose the banner at the top of the page is made up of photos that u have obtained permission from the copyright holders to use?
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    Other Steven Seagal's Current Location

    Haha yeah cos they're must be scores of people out there who are looking to do him harm..Russell and Tom may knock him off to ensure he doesn't take an oscar next year...And the information is sooo specific, like "Thailand" and "Los Angeles".... Relax
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    Seagal's Worst...

    Yep couldn't agree more. Actually i'd say HPD was worse than the patriot, which i didn't mind too much. I haven't seen Ticker or BOTB but The Foreigner and Out for a Kill are, lets face it, absolutely atrocious...Yeah everyone loves him and would die for him and all his movies are masterpieces...