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  1. kadence1

    New Interview With Seagal

    Sorry i really dont know how to open a thread lol but heres a new interview with sragal & he talks about After His tour he plans on making Under Seige 3 ! http://www.bigissue.com/features/interviews/3963/steven-seagal-interview-the-one-who-said-that-is-a-lying-conniving-scum
  2. kadence1

    Force of Execution

    NEW STEVEN SEAGAL MOVIE STARRING DANNY TREJO! SOMEONE OPEN A NEW THREAD ABOUT THIS IDK HOW!!!! http://moviehole.net/201259148exclusive-machetes-seagal-and-trejo-announce-a-rematch
  3. kadence1

    IF You Where Single Who Would U sleep With?

    i figured id post a thread here thats not notmal to you guys ive seen it on other forums i mean bad forums ;) Lol so i figured its off topic stuff i dont think it would hurt anyone so who would u sleep with what actress?!?! i think i would go with megan fox she is hot ;)