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    Never seen before trailers from demo tape screeners! - UPDATE 3 !!!

    I remember the Sky TV premiere, it was intact except for a blood splatter when "Old Frank" is shot. The wine stem through the head was definitely in it, and there were certainly no extra fights that's aren't in the release version. It was actually released straight to cable apparently, along...
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    Seagal's Scrapped Movies

    Blood on the Moon Genghis Khan Smash and Grab Prince of Pistols Tip of the Spear He was supposed to do The Hunted, The Specialist, Predator 2 and Drop Zone too apparently but obviously didn't.
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    Contract To Kill (2016) Blooper Reel

    The whole film was a blooper.
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    No SEAGAL for The Expendables 3.

    There's no chance he'll want involvement as long as a certain person is involved.
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    Stills / videos from deleted / behind the scenes of Seagal movies

    Maybe Seagal was right about the Submerged aliens after all, they look pretty ghastly. Have tried to stay focused for the duration of Killing Salazar a few times but just can't do it. Just so run-of-the-mill and uninteresting.
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    Movies The Asian Connection - Steven Seagal, Michael Jai White (completed)

    The Asian Connection was awful. Seagal's occasional appearances were the only time it even remotely sprung to life. The sound quality was horrendous - listen to his dialogue in the final scenes when a static-like hum accompanies his lines.
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    Interview / Updates Keoni Waxman!

    I for one would much prefer him to work with someone else. Look at how decent Attrition was compared to the likes of Contract to Kill and End of a Gun. Just a shame you can barely find it anywhere.
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    Haven't seen Pyun's so-called Director's Cut, just a Canadian DVD of the official version (Sizemore, Nas and Seagal on the front with explosion in background) which has a commentary track option. The commentary is pretty dull to be fair, but not many Seagal titles have the luxury of one. At...
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    New movie The Legend of Johnny Jones

    Didn't take much working out from the dates. Would be surprised if even he was involved, but then the tired remake of Conan did bomb so maybe times are tough. As much as I'd love to see Seagal on the big screen again (my last experience being Machete) I'll happily eat my hat if this ends up in...
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    Genghis Khan

    It's a shame, could have been an interesting one. Certainly more so than many of the titles which followed.
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    Hard to Kill final death scene.

    Wish they'd kept the original Hard to Kill death scene as scripted. Apparently Seagal was to impale Senator Trent's head on the fireplace railings and then watch as his head caught fire and he burned to death. He certainly deserved it as he basically set up the deaths of Storm's loved ones...
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    Genghis Khan

    Does anyone know how far this realistically got into production? It would have been awesome. I know Seagal was location scouting for it when he met his wife and that's about it. A passion project for years that never materialized and is now unlikely ever to.
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    Favorite movie artwork?

    Under Siege 2, the poster of him dangling off the side of the train. Worst has to be Attack Force where the image of his head was just Photoshopped in from the Shadow Man poster.
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    The Swordsman

    Hope this one does happen. It's the only upcoming title which looks interesting.
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    Stills / videos from deleted / behind the scenes of Seagal movies

    Still don't know why On Deadly Ground gets such a bad rap. It's one of my favourites and a solid action movie. Would love to one day see the version Seagal put together before it was trimmed - half the trailer doesn't even appear in the movie.
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    Primary Target - Steven Seagal, Michael Madsen, L. Mandylor, Scott Adkins

    A shame. Was looking forward to this more than Johnny Jones. Would have been nice to see him work with Mr. Blonde.
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    If it's anything like the original version of Cyborg, maybe it was a good idea for someone else to take over. Even the Ticker commentary goes suspiciously quiet for long stretches as if things were being said somebody didn't like.
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    Martial Artist Scott Adkins interviewed Seagal

    Whenever anyone asks a famous action star that question, all I can think is it's the kind of question a ten-year old would ask.
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    New movie The Legend of Johnny Jones

    Updates don't really count for much if we have to fill in the blanks ourselves. And if a 3.5 mill project can be made to look like a 20 mill project, then why would any production ever bother spending 20 mill? Danny Trejo is in everything - would be more surprised if he wasn't in it. Would is...
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    Martial Artist Scott Adkins interviewed Seagal

    Was looking forward to the interview after enjoying the Jeff Speakman and Cynthia Rothrock ones but in the end it was just a bit "meh". Loved the idea of Seagal real-time watching and commenting on some on his old movies. If it had just been that for 60 minutes it would have been awesome.