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  1. snooch

    any jackie chans here

    im a huge jackie chan fan, i have watched all his movies, own most of them, i just thought id start a thread were we can talk about his movies, his best, his worst, i look forward to comments
  2. snooch

    anybody hear seen the british gangster thriller 'bonded by blood'

    i have and i would recommend it to anybody who likes gangster movies, its based on the essex boys, three gangsters who bullied there way to the top of the essex underworld untill there brutal murder in a range rover one snowy night, its a true story and 2 movies have been made on this subject...
  3. snooch


    hi everybody i don't know if any of you will remember me cus i havent been on in a very long time, but im back now and hope we are all friends.
  4. snooch

    blade tv series

    hi i don't how many of you know this but there is a new blade tv series i think it's starting in june. obviosly wesley snipes isn't playing him i think it's rapper sticky fingaz i saw a couple of photographs over at the bade trinity site and it looks cool. i think it's set before the movies...
  5. snooch

    im back

    hi everybody ive been away for a while but im back now. hope were still all friends and i hope you had a nice christmas and a nice new year. thanks snooch
  6. snooch

    underated movies

    hi i was just wondering what undertated movies do you think deserve better mention i think definatly the classic schwarzenegger movie raw deal and the 6th day if you have any underated movies you think deserve mention feel free to post.
  7. snooch

    belly of the beast on t.v

    hi i don't know whether or not this has already been posted but in the u.k belly of the beast is on channel 5 on wednesday.
  8. snooch

    american pie 4

    hi everybody does anybody have any info on american pie 4.
  9. snooch


    hi everybody i just wanted to tell how angry iv'e been recently on the imdb i mean 2 thread's expecialy the today you die thread where somebody was acusing seagal of bieng homosexual and aparently there's a video and the other is van damme's kumite where all van damme fans slagging off seagal i...
  10. snooch

    submerged uk

    can anybody tell me when submerged is realesed in the uk please.
  11. snooch

    for lollipop

    hi lollipop iv'e started up this thread so we can chat again hopefully like my a better intro thread i have missed you and am looking forward to having some more chats with you.
  12. snooch

    adam sandler

    i hope none of you hate me for this but im a very big adam sandler fan {lollipop knows}and i never get to talk about him and his movies so i thought i'd start this up.so any sandler fans feel free to share your feelings.
  13. snooch

    iv'e got my new computer

    looking forward to talking to you all expecialy lollipop and serena
  14. snooch

    it's snooch

    hi everyone just telling you my new computer should be here in a weeks time iv'e missed you all and can't wait to talk to you all again{expecialy you lollipop}love ya all
  15. snooch

    marked for death

    hi everyone there is a song at the end of marked for death with jimmy cliff and steven seagal do you know what its called and where i can find it thanks.
  16. snooch

    A Better Intro

    Hi I Know Most Of You Know Me By Now But I Was Thinking Last Night About How I Haven't Really Introduced Myself Properly And Here I Am Putting Threads Up And Stuff And Some Of You Are Probably Like Who The Hell Is He So If You Have Any Questions About Anything Or Just Talk To Me You Can Post It...
  17. snooch

    A Photo Of Snooch

    Hi Again I Was Wondering How Many Of My Good Friends Here Want To See A Photo Of Me So You Can Judge How Much I Look Like Seagal If You Have Anything To Say Post It Here. And If There Are A Lot Of Replies By The End Of The Week Ill Put One On Here