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  1. Connie


    Dear All, I will tell you that Iam Ill. 8 months ago they find lungcancer. I have got Chemo an operation and radiotherapie but thay can`t help me anymore. I had ha grattime at this bord a I lear to know Steven Seagal my great insperation. I dont know when the end is ther but u see. thanks for...
  2. Connie


    Hello Steven Seagal lovers. I want to wish you a very mary x-mas and a funny 2011. Love Connie
  3. Connie


    Dear Steven fans. I am looking for the film music of Steven Seagal. I order it in the Netherlands but they can`t get it.:confused: Is there someone who can make a copy of it????:) This is the name of the cd:::OST - MUSIC FROM STEVE SEAGAL F. Can you help me?:D Thanks. Love Connie
  4. Connie

    want to show you

    Hi, iI have got a new bike. And ik like to show it you. love Connie
  5. Connie

    jackie chan

    We have here in the netherlands a new green tea. It is sponsord by Jackie Chan. It gives you energy and many many more. I don`t drink tea because i don`t like green tea. I`ts from a company from america. Does any one of you know that? Well that my news. Love Connie ;)
  6. Connie

    Happy birthday Mason

    Happybirthday Mason. I hope your day is better than mine. Love connie
  7. Connie

    Kentaro Seagal

    I have a film of Kentaro Seagal. Does enyone know it. death trance Tell me Love Connie
  8. Connie


    I promis to sent a pic of my tatoo whit Stevens name on it. Wel it is not so nice anymore but i show you. Have fun. Love Connie
  9. Connie


    Why do you celebrate thanks giving? Tell me all about it. And on what date do you celebrate that. Thanks for the answer. Love Connie:confused:
  10. Connie


    I read an dutch pc magazine and your site was named in this artikle. I will scan it and put it on this site. hahah i can do that, but can`t read it. Sorry. But is was a nice artikel aboud steven and his music and band. Mayby i translate it and put it on my one site. I thought you wanted...
  11. Connie

    2 weeks

    In 2 weeks a must do exam for my green belt. the 4 th kyu. ( march 8th) I let you know about the results. Love Connie:D :yin:
  12. Connie

    up date my site

    Hi all, I have up date my site. It is in German. it is about a summer house. I hope it is soon in english. i lost my pass word on this site, so you have to wait for a while, i am sorry the german people can find it on the duch site www.seagal.nl under the link zomerhuisje/...
  13. Connie

    Happy Birthday, Suziwong!

    dear suzi a verry happy birthday. love Connie:cool:
  14. Connie

    Happy birthday Amos

    Have a nice day. Love Connie:cool:
  15. Connie

    up date my seagal site

    Hi dear friends, I have updated my seagal site. I now only in dutch but i translate it soon so you all can read it. It is about a bungalow you can rent in the Netherlands. Look at zomerhuisje. Love Connie:D
  16. Connie


    I finally have pic of my in action. I will share them whit you...I am the one with the Hakama...Thats me!!!!! The other one in the Hakama is my theather...A men of 73 years old.... I`ll hope you like them???? Love Connie
  17. Connie

    again a family disaster

    yes you read it well....again. Father kills is wife and 2 daughters 3 and 5 years old.... The wife and kids where missing for 1 week but now the police found evidence in their house. And the father told yesterday that he killed them.. What are we going to do whit this world where we live...
  18. Connie

    family disaster

    Last friday a police agent kills his wife and 3 kids.... The cop was mental ill at home and had his gun at home too. The 3 boys where 8, 6 and 4 years old... mother was 43 years.... Love Connie
  19. Connie

    Again !!!

    Hi all, Yesterday a get my 4 th kyu!!!! And now i may wear my Hakama. Yes finally. When i have pic i will show tham to you. Love Connie :)
  20. Connie

    The Passion of the Christ

    I have seen it the passion of Christ...on dvd rentals I like this film.... i have cayed about it. I have not a relgion but it is taken me..... It is make me thinking of thinks......Yes...there is more than we think there is...... ..........................Love Connie :eek: