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  1. Martin01

    The Swordsman Philip Osbourne:
  2. Martin01

    Seagal done making movies??

    Has he retired now? :(
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    Favorite Seagal movies - Direct-to-Video films (2010s)

    Same here. Unfortunately these are also the only decent movies since 2010 in my opinion. Looking back, I think too much time was wasted with the True Justice series, especially since that series never got a proper ending. They should have made movies instead, for example "The Tip of the Spear"...
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    Operation Seawolf - Dolph Lundgren

    I agree The Mechanik and Skin Trade are very well made DTV movies.
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    The Keeper - Reviews

    One of the best DTV movies of Seagal in my opinion. Sunny locations, simple story and Seagal seemed to have enjoyed his role. The action was decent too, although there could have been more. The ending feels a bit rushed, too. Overall maybe not an action highlight, but it's one of very few of...
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    Interview / Updates Keoni Waxman!

    Trailer of Keoni Waxmans new movie: Last year he also released a movie starring Bren Foster:
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    Into The Sun Reviews

    The movie is well done with great locations, but just way too slow in my opinion. Too much talking and not enough action except of the beginning and the end. It reminds me a lot of "Attrition" in many ways, although that one had a slightly better pacing.
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    Belly Of The Beast

    I rewatched the movie last week. Really forgot how entertaining that movie is. Great locations, some nice music and decent actors too. Byron Mann was as always great and even though Seagal was doubled in some of the fight scenes he actually did a lot by himself too and seems to have enjoyed the...
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    Favorite Seagal movies - Direct-to-Video films (1990s/2000s)

    My current favorites: Pistol Whipped, The Keeper and Belly of the Beast
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    Bounty - Steven Seagal, Michael Jai White

    With Seagal not involved with the "Johnny Jones" movie anymore, I hope at least this movie happens...
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    Submerged - review

    Funny, I rewatched that movie last week too and liked it better too as compared to when it came out. The action scenes and set pieces are really well done. However, I still don't like some of the "cool", over-the-top editing in this movie. A more traditional editing style would have helped here...
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    Interview with director Michael Oblowitz!

    Well done interview, thank you!
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    Kill Switch - Making Of

    See post #5 on this thread:
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    Favorite Seagal movies - theatrical films

    My favorites are Out for Justice, Glimmer Man and Fire Down Below.
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    Tip Of The Spear - Steven Seagal (pre-production, Shooting Starts June 2 2016)

    If Keoni Waxman ever directs a Seagal movie again, I hope they will try to make this movie. Did Waxman told why it was canceled? At least they even had filming dates announced back in 2016...
  16. Martin01

    Seagal's Scrapped Movies

    In the 2000s, Seagal was attached to star in a comedy movie directed by David Zucker ("Airplane!", "The Naked Gun"): As a huge fan of the Naked Gun movies and Zuckers other comedies, I would have loved to...
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    A Higher Form of Learning aka Kill Switch

    I didn't understand the ending either. And since it was filmed with Seagal and not with a double I guess that ending was included in the earlier version too. But maybe in the earlier cut there were some explanations about that, who knows. I really wonder if this earlier cut still exists (and how...
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    A Higher Form of Learning aka Kill Switch

    If he isn't responding, maybe you could try to contact producer Kirk Shaw instead. I'm not sure, but I think he was a lead producer on the movie before it was sold to other producers. Also, he produced Driven to Kill and lately Beyond the Law.
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    Kill Switch - Making Of

    I think if you remove those overlong fight scenes with the double and edit the action scenes in a normal way, the movie would be pretty decent, maybe even one of Seagals better DTV movies. Maybe the original version was just like that. Would really like to see the original movie or a director's...
  20. Martin01

    New movie The Legend of Johnny Jones

    Please don't stop with the updates. I think most here really apreciate them and they are very interesting. The director update is indeed promising. Hopefully it will work out. Also, is it correct that Seagal should be the main actor in this movie?