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  1. latinojazz

    Jack Whitehall On Meeting Steven Seagal

    I don't know if anyone posted this, I liked it. Jack whitehall & Seagal having fun. If the video doesn't show up just type on google: jack whitehall travels with my father Steven seagal. Is the first video on the list of BUILD series and the third from the Facebook page Jack Whitehall Fans...
  2. latinojazz

    Cool Seagal A&E Reality Show Promos At NYC

    Pictures taken by myself 12 days ago at New York City Cooool, isn´t it? P.S: If u want bigger versions only tell, ok? The original pics taken are 3,4MB aprox. each one. I just took 3, you know...driving the car...the traffic...Hope u to enjoy the photos All the best
  3. latinojazz

    Funny seagal cartoons

    A couple of funny cartoons I´ve found., Hope u to enjoy
  4. latinojazz

    Making Of Today You Die

    I have sent yet Craig the links to the new material for the download members area.Soon will be more.
  5. latinojazz

    Making Of Submerged

    I have sent yet Craig the links to the new material for the download members area.Soon will be more.
  6. latinojazz

    Steven Seagal Video Game!!

    I will send Craig in a minutes the links to download a couple of things. One of them: Steven Seagal Video Game-Steven Seagal Final Option Demo(Beta) Enjoy the pics!!
  7. latinojazz


    I will send Craig in a minutes the links to download a couple of things. One of them: Gizelle D'Cole-Revancha de Amor.mpg It´s from 1999 Enjoy the pics!!! And soon the video...
  8. latinojazz

    A Tiro Limpio.Pistol Whipped Spaniard Release

    A Tiro Limpio.Pistol Whipped-2007 April-15th-2008 The Spain rental release.Includes the same american extras edition
  9. latinojazz

    Rambo Official Lionsgate Website!!!

  10. latinojazz

    Making Of Submerged In Spaniard Dvd!!!

    LINK TO BUY DVD: FEATURES: I´ll try to buy the dvd when arrives to Barcelona or Madrid.Now I´m out from home. Regards
  11. latinojazz

    Steven Seagal Not Included In Top 10 Action Stars!!!

    Seagal has not been included in the Top Ten Modern-Day Action Stars!!!I can´t believe it!! I think this is the fact that Steven must think about his movies career and his legacy, because for the audience and the critics looks like he doesn´t exist anymore. THE LIST SUCKS!!!ONLY SLY...
  12. latinojazz

    Rambo4 Teaser:what Do You Think About It?

    The movie is done by Millenium and Equity, as several Steven movies. Do you like it? Rate it, please.I´m not going to rate it yet, I prefer to read your opinions, OK? RATE FROM 1 TO 5 STARS
  13. latinojazz

    Rocky Balboa Grosses more than 60million$!!!

    Well, at least one of our heroes is still working good: $60,642,611 in 3 weeks.Not bad for a called¨finished man¨,how a lot said, no?It´s a very good movie: Drama, humour, nostalgia, simple but wise life philosophy...and a lot of heart.I almost say than the...
  14. latinojazz

    Great action heroes pics in Rocky Balboa Premiere

    I love this kind of pics, our action heroes together. But what about Steven???It´s Arnold, Willis, Lundgren, James Caan, but I missed Steven, he likes Sly, and Sly likes him too.I guess he was filming Once Upon A Time In The Hood
  15. latinojazz

    rocky balboa / rocky VI trailer-COOOOL!!!

    I love Sly, is an amazing guy, the trailer is great and full of willpower And what a way to train!!! But I love a lot Steven too, are my two action icons, different gifts and qualities, but both compatible and both persons well worth to admire...
  16. latinojazz

    Steven Must Look In This Pic Shape

    STEVEN MUST GET DIET AND RETURN TO LOOK IN THIS PIC SHAPE!!! Yes or not?He is pretty cool A big man, mighty and fearless, in that shape he is the best A-action hero alive
  17. latinojazz

    Free Flv Player For Everybody!!!

    FLV(Flash Video)player.It´s only 1´45MB and works. Follow the link, waits 45 secons and download.It will be there only for a week.Hurry up!! Love everybody
  18. latinojazz

    Maybe the action genre is dead?

    Now the point for me is: Who will be the next action hero? We are lack of them, Willis is growing old and anorexic, Seagal is growing old and the opposite side with the food than Willis, Stallone for the Rocky photos looks not very well to continue making action movies and Arnold only...
  19. latinojazz

    Rocky 6 Photos From The Vegas Set

    Obviously he isn´t Seagal, but I thought it was interesting to see and comment It´s very old, no?59 What do you think? Love everyone
  20. latinojazz

    Glimmer Man, Where Are You?, I Miss You!

    Lately I don´t read any comment of GLIMMERMAN? Is he OK??? I really missed his ironic and sarcastic comments and his Terminator avatars Glimmer, there are gunmans in the town, I´d like to have a buddy to shoot with. If anyone has news about him, post quick reply LOVE TO ALL STEVEN...