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  1. mojo preist

    Deadly crosing Facebook comp

    Hi guys please vote for my picture in the Stevcn Seagal Deadly crossing competition on Facebook. I am a huge fan of his and would love his autograph and this prize pack ! This is the competition link...
  2. mojo preist

    my very own action film !

    I am currently making an action film of my own. Im an amateur actor/director from Australia Theres a few fight scene on facebook. films called Urban Lockdown, check it out and 'like' the page. would love your feedback and tips to make it as cool as Seagals flicks...
  3. mojo preist

    couple of questions

    hey guys long time reader of these forums and thought after 4 or so years i may as well join lol. got some questions you guys may or may not be able to answer 1) i saw in a video interview that Steven Seagal was allergic to certain foods which i found fascinating- does anyone remember what...