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  1. kokoro


    I cannot gain access to the site on 99% of occasions. I.E tells me there is either no such page, or that the site is down-can't be accessed etc. Almost always in my late evenings or early mornings, other times sporadically. Craig, do you maintain the site or is it offline at certain...
  2. kokoro

    How much do you love him?

    This is it ladies!! ( and of course any Dream away and enjoy. This thread is just for you!!!! ;) :)
  3. kokoro

    Seagals film compnay

    :cook: I remember reading Seagal has a new film company, and just happened to find these sites under constructionThis one looks like it is in Europe (I say that because of the picture) maybe it's Seagal's?? or is this site his? Maybe neither are his, and it's just a coincidence. Anyone...
  4. kokoro

    another site

    just wondering if anyone knows anything about this site under Construction any Ideas?? another fansite or official?? Though this site is still #1!! cheers
  5. kokoro

    Website (page) viewing, help

    A question for Craig or John I guess, the "techo's" My last pc had win 98, this one XP. My problem is viewing my website. On the old windows, it viewed the whole page like this site ( fills entire screen). On XP, it views my site like a "book" cover, that is, seeing the whole page like you...
  6. kokoro

    A Dedication

    For Snow & Storm I hope no one minds, but these two were my life. And desreve to be in the Dharma. Snow 01/10/2000-6/05/2003 An old soul just visiting again, we walked together in sun we ran together in rain. The love you taught, the friendship you gave, you took with you, to...
  7. kokoro

    Did anyone see this?

    At the old site, did you get to see it, and if you did, what did he say?? rob *Curious*
  8. kokoro

    Aikido Interview with Steven Seagal

    I didn't even realise I had this lying around the house, courtesy Australasian Fighting Arts. I've only managed to write about half of the interview that I have, I'll post the rest here in a couple of days. It's an old interview, but still worth a read. Sorry I don't have the date...
  9. kokoro

    Aikido Interview with Take Sensei 12/09/2002

    just for something to post in here, an interview from the Official Site by Jamie Calderon. I just copied and paste, left out the replies, you can guess why. Well, hope you still find it interesting. Questions were posted by members of the Official Board. cheers Rob J.C The...
  10. kokoro


    I'd like to know what books members read about Dharma, Buddhism or other religions? I have just bought several books, mostly to do with Zen Buddhism or Zen & the Martial arts etc. I am saving one book, The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, until last as it is the largest, anyone read...
  11. kokoro

    Hull Low

    Hey all, Hope everyone is well and feeling good (or being felt good!!):D seem to have a little trouble posting in this forum so hope it goes through. give me a little while to read the forums and get used to all this newstuff. Site looks great Craig, well done!! Glad to see so...