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    Site Upgraded - 27th March 2021

    Site upgraded to latest forum software. As you may have noticed it was down last few days due to PHP issue. Should be fixed now, any errors or things not working let me know.
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    WTF Has Happened To Steven Seagal?

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    Possibly Offline // DNS Updating

    FYI site DNS has been changed as per Hosting Company. As a result site might be down for you for a little while over the next week whilst the web address is updated.
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    365 Flix Interviews With The Fans

    To keep the interviews in the 1 place for easy access. #1 - September 19th 2018: #2 - September 22nd 2018 #3 - September 29th 2018
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    Above The Law - Released 30 Years Ago!

    :eek::eek: Just noticed this was originally released in the USA 8th April 1988. How time flys, i remember watching this on home video not too long after it was released in the UK. Certainly one of the best Seagal movies too.
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    BitCoiin2Gen Ambassador! Also on the Official Twitter : Strange one for Seagal, guess he is going to get cut of the profits if any. :D
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    Banned From The Ukraine

    Guess they don't want a piece of the DTV market..
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    John Wick - Chapter 2

    Enjoyed the first one, second trailer for sequel is out. Trailer 1 480P | 720P | 1080P Trailer 2 480P | 720P | 1080P
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    Another New Commercial

    Seagal was already starring in a new commercial for Russian biggest phone provider, Megafon, where he played a Russian tough guy. The add was aired on national TV and was meant to nod to Seagal’s newly acquired citizenship.
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    Site Upgraded - 2nd December 2016

    Forum software has been upgraded to latest version. Any issues or errors post here and i will see if i can fix.
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    Steven Seagal At Home

    Came across this: Works in the US only, so use i used Zenmate to change my location and worked ok.
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    Music 2014 Blues Music Tour

    Here are the latest confirmed dates on Stevens European Blues Tour with more dates to be announced. · June 16th Hard Rock Casino, 1 Seminole Way, Hollywood,FL 33314, USA (Opening Night) · June 21, 2014 Dobry Festival Plavecky Stvrtok 546 Presov, Slovakia · June 22, 2014 Workshop Strazske...
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    Site Upgraded - 19th December 2013

    Welcome back. The site is now online again and has been upgraded to the latest forum software. Sorry for the last couple of days, we had a problem with thousands of spammer posts from the past re-appearing and it took a while to delete them all again.
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    Movies Force Of Execution - Released 17th December 2013

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    Russian Martial Arts Demonstration

    Decent watch. :)
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    Steven Seagal sworn-in as newest Doña Ana County sheriff's deputy

    Soon Steven Seagal will be deputy for the whole of the states. :D Source :
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    Television True Justice - Season 2 On Reelz

    Season 2 premiers on Reelz on 4th January 2013.
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    New Style Added

    A new forum style has been added - xenPowa. You can select this at the very bottom of the page. Just click the style chooser on the bottom left. Any problems or issues with the style please let me know. :)
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    A Good Day To Die Hard...

    John McLean is back. Thought the fourth one was not too good, but hopefully this will be an improvement. Teaser trailer is now available: 480P 720P 1080P IMDB :
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    Seagal And President Putin At Russian MMA

    Full story and news here, also contains video: Only missed the story by a month, don't think it has been posted before, or maybe it was one of the zapped posts. Other video: Picture courtesy of...