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  1. Sonya76

    Steven Seagal at Romania !!

    Do you know where is he staying at this time? Before was in Marriott... now? Will really love to know maybe I can just get to see him a bit closer! Why he don t know about this forum?? When search is on first pages!
  2. Sonya76

    I Met Steven Today!!!!!!!

    Heare he is in Romania but so sad that I never really have the chance to meet him.Even from farr away to see him! In my 30's and still thinking on him like when I was 16!!
  3. Sonya76

    Merry Christmas To All My Droogs!

    Merry Christmas to all of you ! And wish for the next year to be a better one!
  4. Sonya76

    Photo-blog Of Steven

    in the one with him with a glass... ah! Have you seen the eyes look??
  5. Sonya76

    You've never seen Steven like this !!!

    he look good in anything! I prefer this type : more relaxed and smart on him
  6. Sonya76

    Seagal and your spouse

    Well- my friends did allways told me " I dream too much! " ( I just want to see him for real not in movie and pictures only !)
  7. Sonya76

    Steven Seagal at Romania !!

    You will not belive ! Have rent me a flat near the hotel he stay... ah! Just maybe! Anyone know if he will make any trip to Romania in next 2 yrs???
  8. Sonya76

    From this list,

    Sincerlly I can t compare him with no one abouve! Everyone is unic! Seagal is just closer to my heart.. and will allways be.Yes each one have there sharm and acting.. but Seagal is UNIC in his way!
  9. Sonya76

    Help us

    I am frighteen to buy again on internet.. as I did spend first time on some videos and never arrive..( was living in Uk than) Now live again in Romania... and no way I will shop by net anymore. Will love to have his CD with music .. if anyone can tell me except internet... where he is seling...
  10. Sonya76

    Dinner & A Seagal.

    hehe! Well - fruit salad will not make us too heavy no?And we will listen.. not his music (maybe he like to listen somthing else! ;) ) but a nice song wich I like... ( River of tears-Eric Clapton)... maybe some tea with ice.. is Hot in Romania now! And.. I love the walk's after dinner ...
  11. Sonya76

    Describe Seagal In One Word.

    was thinking to another "one word" to can describe Seagal.. How can I? He is "amazing" in all he s doing! "Unic" like any other human.. "fantastic" in his work..."handsome" looking(for me). A great fighter and a man with attitude! How just one word will describe all this and more of him?
  12. Sonya76

    Photos From Big Apple Convention Center

    I really love this pictures! Thank you suziwong!!!
  13. Sonya76

    Describe Seagal In One Word.

    Live legend!?
  14. Sonya76

    Steven Must Look In This Pic Shape the pic. here make s him soo old!!
  15. Sonya76

    Describe Seagal In One Word.

    かわいい =Cute
  16. Sonya76

    Steven Seagal at Romania !!

    Well- I arrive in Bucharest.. after he left Romania I guess! Hoppe next time he will be in Romania to see him for real
  17. Sonya76

    Seagal in Bucharest promoting Intelligence Not Violence

    Start discuss his life here? Try to use a private chat if necessary! I know he was in Romania and I have seen a amateur video not just that picture! His private life is his duty-his choice! Sorry girls... but try to discuss this in prv.
  18. Sonya76


    Happy you!
  19. Sonya76

    Going On A Date With Seagal.

    WOW! I will allways dream of that!! :yin: Will want to drive to a place near mountains, near my home.. .have a long walk on forest listen to the river,birds...nature.(and talk.. only if necessary!)...
  20. Sonya76

    "Steven We Love You"(off-topic)

    Well LOVE is a short and "big" word!Have been a fun of Segal since i discover him in first movie... Going on 30 now... and this in not anymore just a FUN! I adore you Segal!