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  1. JoshStern

    The Expendables 4.

    Here is it. As they say in the article take it with a grain of salt. But let the speculation begin again...
  2. JoshStern

    Steven Seagal - Villain Thread.

    I love Seagal's part as the villain in Machete and I would like to see him play a villain again. Anyone else who will like to see him play a villain again ?
  3. JoshStern

    Lack of Seagal News.

    Its been a long time since we actualy had some news about what Seagal is up to. Whats going on ??
  4. JoshStern

    Maximum Conviction 2 *speculation*

    So do you guys think there will be an Maximum Conviction 2 ?? I think I read something about it in a interview not long ago, but I'm not sure. Also in the end when Seagal says *it ain't over 'till we're dead* could be the leadup to a sequel.
  5. JoshStern

    Happy newyear

    Happy newyear everybody, hope you all got through it safely :)
  6. JoshStern


    Just wanted to say im leaving the forum. There's to much spam and its impossible to reply to anything without having sit through countless of spammings. Aparently nobody is taken care of the spammers unless they are told and that is something people should do by themselfs instead of being...
  7. JoshStern

    Would you like to see Steven Seagal on the big screen again ??

    Simple question: Would you like to see Steven Seagal on the big screen again ??
  8. JoshStern

    Please read (seriously).

    Okay, I know I can be an asshole most of the time twords all of you, but like the saying goes everything happens for a reason. My reason is that I'v, not long ago, left my women because she chated on me serveral times and I only just found out that same day when I walked in on her and another...