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  1. ad_adrian

    my sensei's video clip this is my sensei mori sensei he studied directly under the great gozo shioda for 10 years as an uchi deshi
  2. ad_adrian

    who here smokes? (not weed)

    well im pretty sure that a few of you guys smoke, if you do how often do you smoke, what brand and how strong is your smokes. and if u dont you hate u not mind them or what? (just gotta make it intersting for the non smokers) p.s sorry for posting this in...
  3. ad_adrian

    if you met seagal and he could teach u about one thing what would it be?

    alright if you guys met seagal...and won like a free promotional offer thing and he would give you a anything he does...acting/aikido/music/spirituality...etc what would it be? me being the martial arts guru i am i would definatly say aikido...but i would love for him to teach...
  4. ad_adrian

    gozo shioda video clip the creator of yoshinkan aikido! nice clip not in these video clip's he was in his late 70's even as a sick and dying man he was still mighty strong and powerfull...many considered gozo shioda ueshiba's best student.
  5. ad_adrian

    Seagal is not losing any more weight.

    once again i bring up the whole weight issue. after seeing him have that putt for the golf charity...i couldnt help but notice how fat he has become....he's not losing any either.... he doesnt even spend 1/4th of the time he used to spend on aikido. his face is getting more chubby...(and age...
  6. ad_adrian

    wake of death (my review)

    i just saw the normal i like a good martial arts film like the rest of us...this movie had really good acting by jean claude van damme...he really has turned to be a great actor. and there were a few good realisitic martial art scenes and some good action and the movie i guess was...
  7. ad_adrian

    msn thread

    who here has msn??? and actually use it if anyone wants to chat about steven.......or aikido add me this is my msn
  8. ad_adrian

    my aikido journey in aikido

    First day My thoughts of it after getting out of the class…wow…. there is so much to learn. It’s a lot harder then I thought and its amazing some of the techniques they teach you. Its all in Japanese and its very tough but everyone is very nice I just hope I get used to it quick. I have so...
  9. ad_adrian

    newbi aikido question

    hi...the only martial arts i have done for years is boxing and im looking to change and find something new so i thought i'd go for wat steven segal does..(for plenty of reasons) i was looking up doing aikido...and i noticed there were different types i could do like...takemusu kair...
  10. ad_adrian

    hi im new here,

    hey everyone im a 21 year old male that lives in australia i have loved steven segal movies since i was little i tried joining the official site but the forums aint that good so i found here and it looks a lot better! in my spare time when im not working or watching steven segal movies...