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  1. Bklyn Bryan

    The Tip of The Spear

    Has anybody heard any news about this new Seagal movie? IMDb has Keoni Waxman as director!!! The movie is listed as being in pre-production. Let's go Seagal. One more ACTION movie!! "A Border Patrol Agent and his team take on the deadly Arizona deserts filled with cartel and narcos to...
  2. Bklyn Bryan

    The Patriot now on blu-ray I bought from a seller on ebay. The seller said that it is REGION FREE/ALL (0). I hope so! Will let you guys know...
  3. Bklyn Bryan

    Seagal 5 Film Collection Blu-ray This set was released quietly. The 5 movies are: Attrition, Driven to Kill, Kill Switch, Mercenary for Justice, and Today You Die. There are some sellers on ebay selling it. Can't find it in any stores. This is a...
  4. Bklyn Bryan

    Under Siege on Netflix!

    Yes, I saw it on Netflix the other day!!
  5. Bklyn Bryan

    The Tip of the Spear Steven Seagal reuniting with Keoni Waxman!!! NEW Seagal movie!!
  6. Bklyn Bryan

    WTF Happened to Seagal? JoBlo video

    WTF Happened to Steven Seagal? JoBlo YouTube From 4 months ago!! Just found this video now. Any thoughts?!?
  7. Bklyn Bryan

    The Patriot (now on Blu-ray!)

    I just found out that this was released a couple weeks ago! The Patriot starring Steven Seagal. It cost less to buy from grooves rather than amazon. This is a Digibook release too!! The cover is hardcover like a book and will have pages inside (in German). This is a rare release for Seagal. I...
  8. Bklyn Bryan

    The Challenge (1982 film) choreographed by Seagal

    Has anybody seen this action/fight film? Steven Seagal did the fight choreography. I'm going to check it out!!!
  9. Bklyn Bryan

    Steven Seagal Had a Real-Life Mafia Encounter Well known Seagal story.
  10. Bklyn Bryan

    Charges pending for theft suspect with ‘Steven Seagal style hair’ "Summary: On 11/16/2020 at approximately 1949 hours, an unknown white male with Steven Seagal style hair, snazzy grey cut off t-shirt & shorts, and stylish kicks enters Lowes. The...
  11. Bklyn Bryan

    The Foreigner (now on Digital)

    Hey I’m watching The Foreigner. Check it out now on Prime Video! I have been waiting for The Foreigner on digital for a while now. It's included with Prime, but I'd like to buy it...
  12. Bklyn Bryan

    Charlize Theron insulted Seagal How did this feud start? What did Steven Seagal ever do to Charlize Theron? This came out...
  13. Bklyn Bryan

    10 Most Brutal Steven Seagal Kills In Movies
  14. Bklyn Bryan

    Steven Seagal's Daughter WWE Tryout
  15. Bklyn Bryan

    1990's Film Feud - Seagal vs. Van Damme I wish that they could make peace and do a movie together. Oh well, at least we got team ups like The Expendables and Lundgren/Van Damme movies!!
  16. Bklyn Bryan

    China Salesman Reviews (Forbes & LA Times)
  17. Bklyn Bryan

    China Salesman in NYC theaters 6/15/18

    I know this was released a while ago in some countries. Here in the U.S. it is finally getting a proper release! Limited theatrical run. Starting June 15th at Cinema Village in NYC. Same theater that had "Contract to Kill" and "Cartels" from Seagal. It's nice that Seagal gets an annual...
  18. Bklyn Bryan

    News About Model Arissa Lebrock (seagal's Daughter).

    Seagal's ex-wife Kelly Lebrock and his 24 year old model daughter Arissa are in the news/ spotlight. I must say that Arissa Lebrock is a very beautiful woman! Wow!! Arissa will be featured on the Lifetime TV show "Growing Up Supermodel" Wednesday nights at 10/9 central...
  19. Bklyn Bryan

    Movies Cartels (killing Salazar) In Theaters/ Vod July 7th

    Action legend Steven Seagal headlines this explosive thriller that pits U.S. forces against an Eastern European drug cartel. When crime boss Salazar turns informant, U.S. Marshal Jensen (Luke Goss, Blade II) and his team must guard their luxury-hotel safe house. But as cartel underboss Sinclaire...
  20. Bklyn Bryan

    Contract To Kill Reviews

    I usually diagree with critics of Seagal. But they're 100% correct this time. Was highly disappointed with "Contract to Kill". End of a Gun was much much better than Contract to Kill!!! I even went out to the movie theater to watch CTK. Even Code of Honor was better than CTK. Oh well, Seagal had...