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    Video Game: Final Option

    Have you guys seen this before? :D It never made it into stores, but here's a clip.
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    The Memphis Kings of eBay

    Okay, everyone--got your PayPal account number ready? ;) :D Memphis Flyer September 14, 2006 How do you measure fame? That’s easy — by the number of items a celebrity has listed on eBay. So we did a quick scan of the online auction and made some surprising discoveries. There's only...
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    Sensei Larry Renosa at South African Aikido workshop.

    Just a little article from, a South African online news magazine. Top Akido man shows 'em how October 12, 2005 By Rowan Sewchurran In a bid to bring more recognition to the martial art form of Akido, the Durban Akido Club has borne the expense of flying one of the world's...
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    Steven launches Lightning Bolt Energy Drink.

    Well, we keeping seeing announcements about it, but it's not in my grocery store yet! :D Here's the latest. For more info, check out Suzi's prior thread: C.I. Sukkar S.A. Congratulates Steven Seagal on the Launch...
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    Happy Birthday, Storm!

    Hey, old man. :D Err...well, you're older than me, anyway. ;) Happy Birthday, Storm! :) As a long-time member of this forum and the old original official site, you've earned the respect and admiration of members young and old, and everywhere in between. You've also earned the reputation...
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    "Gilligan's Island" actor Denver dies at age 70.

    It's kind of amazing that a show that only ran for three years, and way back in the 1960's, is still playing every single day in multiple countries around the world, and brought such fame and recognition for Bob Denver, even more famous than his role as Maynard Krebs in the Dobie Gillis show...
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    Happy Birthday, Mama san.

    I hope you're having a special day today, Mama san, celebrating it with your loved ones and friends. :) Best wishes to you today and every day. Happy Birthday! :)
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    Kylie Minogue visits children's cancer ward in Melbourne.

    I'm sure Heather's heard this on her local news. But I remembered the article she had here when Kylie was first diagnosed with cancer. Now Kylie's taking the time to visit some children at a cancer ward in Melbourne. :) That's a wonderful thing and has a very positive influence on children...
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    MTV & VH1 to show 10 consecutive hours from Live 8 concerts last week.

    MTV & VH1's Redemption Song by Sarah Hall E! Online After striking a sour note with viewers over their shoddy coverage of the Live 8 concerts last weekend, MTV and VH1 are making an effort to get back on key. The networks will each rebroadcast five hours of commercial-free Live 8...
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    London to host the 2012 Summer Olympics.

    I understand the reasons why they have to select so far in advance, but 2012 seems soooo far away, doesn't it? :D Joy in London, gloom for losers Wednesday, July 6, 2005 LONDON, England -- Thousands celebrated on the streets of London after International Olympic Committee members...
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    Queen Tops UK Album Chart

    I LOVE many of Queen's songs! :) I was surprised by this list to see them topple the Beatles, but I've chatted with a few people from the UK who were never too fond of the Beatles during any part of their career. :indiffere Personally, as much as I like Queen, I prefer the Beatles--but...
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    Happy Canada Day!

    Happy Canada Day to all our Canadian members and friends. :) I have a few relatives left in Canada, but they didn't invite me to a barbecue--eh! :D Canada Day Background On June 20, 1868, a proclamation signed by the Governor General, Lord Monck, called upon all Her Majesty's loving...
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    Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner wed

    Did you know this? :confused: Did you care? :D Me neither--but it's news. :indiffere :D Congratulations and best wishes to them. :) Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner wed By César Soriano, USA TODAY June 30, 2005 Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner — aka Bennifer II — were married Wednesday...
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    Hate Cinderella Man? Money back from AMC Theatres.

    Would you say you didn't like the movie just to get your money back? ;) :D Hate 'Cinderella Man'? Chain offers money-back refund June 30, 2005 Chicago Sun-Times Russell Crowe's boxing film "Cinderella Man" isn't grabbing as much attention as the hot-headed actor's offscreen knock-out...
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    Your Vacation?

    Since summer is here for most of us--sorry Heather, Gunslinger, Jace and the rest :D--I've been reading in scattered posts that a few people have a vacation coming up. I usually take mine in the fall, but couldn't go the last two years. So I'm really overdue. :D I'm looking at a few...
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    AFI's 100 top movie quotes.

    (FOR THE COMPLETE 100 LIST, SEE BELOW.) Tonight the American Film Institute will have a three-hour special on their top 100 movie quotes. Care to make any guesses beforehand? :D Not in any particular order, but here are a few I'm guessing will HAVE to be on their list. I'll just do few...
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    Forbes Magazine's Top 100 Celebrities.

    Forbes magazine came out with their top 100 celebrities list. Anyone you're surprised to see? Anyone you surprised not to see? Sorry the grid didn't copy, but I'm sure you get the idea. :D I didn't bother putting the entire 100 here, as I'm sure only a few people will respond anyway. :D...
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    Does this horoscope describe your REAL personality?

    And, by the way, if you're easily offended, don't read any further. :D I'm a Capricorn. :D You are conservative and afraid of taking risks. You don't do much of anything and are considered lazy. There has never been a Capricorn of any real importance. Capricorns should avoid standing...
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    Steven's *Songs from the Crystal Cave* reviewed in Los Angeles Times.

    I may eventually move this to the Music forum, but I'm not sure everyone reads that section, so I will leave it here for now. How excellent is this!! :) I'm so glad to see Steven get this kind of POSITIVE recognition. :) *PLEASE ALSO CHECK OUT THE ARTICLE IN THE GENERAL SECTION ON MTV'S...
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    Reviews on Steven's *Songs From the Crystal Cave* CD.

    I may move this to the Music forum a little later, but I'm not sure everyone looks there. :D *PLEASE ALSO CHECK OUT THE THREAD IN THE GENERAL FORUM REGARDING THE REVIEW OF THE CD IN THE LOS ANGELES TIMES.* Notice the "touring...