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    'man Of Honor' Film Screenplay By Steven Seagal, For Sale On Ebay!

    Hey there fellow Seagal'ers! I was browsing on eBay and came across this (see below) a film screenplay written by Steven and pitched to Fox and Warner. I remember something about this but my memory is fuzzy! It may be old news to people in the 'know' but thought I'd provide the link anyway. An...

    True Justice SEASON 2 boxset available??

    Hello fellow Seagal'ers!!:yinyang For some time now i have been looking for the Season 2 boxset of True Justice. I know that Australia has been good to us with the previous season boxset but i have had mixed feedback on Season 2 'complete' dvd boxsets! As many Aussie website have come back to...

    Anyone know when True Justice Season 2 boxset to be released??!

    I hope they release it in one entire boxset!!! Like they did with the Aussie boxset! Its not rocket science! Surely people would rather buy the set rather than a bunch of single dvd's!!!!!!

    New Movie Ideas

    Mr Seagal if you're interested (..and happen to be reading this thread!) ive been working on a great script and idea for a movie! Its called the Survivalist and the plot is somewhat better than some of the previous attempts by other known writers for your films! My script has depth of character...