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    New Seagal interview

    A very interesting interview:
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    Out For a Kill a huge TV success in Hungary!

    Last Sunday Hungarian national TV station, RTL Klub aired OFAK. The results: Spectators aged 18-49: 3rd most watched programme of the week in Hungary, 930.701 spectators, SHR%: 46,4% (!). All spectators: 9th most watched programme of the week in Hungary, 1 550 447 spectators, SHR%: 37,4%
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    Seagal visited a radio station

    I tried to search on the site, but I didn't find any photos or news about this: 25. May, 2004., Steven Seagal visited a Frech radio station, Fun Radio, and played live on his guitar. The radio's webiste has a photo gallery, which may be found here...
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    Seagal's phone call to a fan

    Action man Seagal a real-life hero to ailing PE brothers By Mark Carrels ACTION movie star Steven Seagal has won a special place in the hearts of ailing brothers Roopesh and Bhavesh Ramjee of Malabar, Port Elizabeth. Seagal who was filming Mercenary in Cape Town, surprised the brothers...
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    Into The Sun advertisement in Hungary

    Hi, just a little information about the fact that in the Hungarian CKM men's magazine there is a half-page advertisement for Into The Sun. I've attached the picture. Greetings, Csaba
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    The Glimmer Man 7th in Hungary

    Hungarian TV station RTL Klub aired The Glimmer Man last week, and it was the 7th most viewed programme of the whole week in Hungary regarding those spectators who are between 18-49 years. In this focus group it has reached an SHR% of 43,7% which means that 43 out of 100 tv-watching Hungarians -...