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    Seagal vs Lebell

    Don’t know if this has been posted yet but there’s an interview on YouTube with a guy who apparently witnessed it:
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    Machete. The last film of Steven's I saw in a theatre and am getting the feeling it's going to remain that way. Wish he'd look for similar parts, even small ones. It was a joy to see him on the big screen, even in a bit part, in what was essentially a decent, big movie. And much as I always...
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    Hard to Kill final death scene.

    Wish they'd kept the original Hard to Kill death scene as scripted. Apparently Seagal was to impale Senator Trent's head on the fireplace railings and then watch as his head caught fire and he burned to death. He certainly deserved it as he basically set up the deaths of Storm's loved ones...
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    Genghis Khan

    Does anyone know how far this realistically got into production? It would have been awesome. I know Seagal was location scouting for it when he met his wife and that's about it. A passion project for years that never materialized and is now unlikely ever to.
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    Most frequent Seagal co-star

    Who has been in the most Seagal movies (besides Seagal of course). It must surely now be a guy called Claudiu Bleont holding the record at 6 - Against the Dark, Born to Raise Hell, A Good Man, Mercenary Absolution, End of a Gun and Killing Salazar. Other contenders: Vinnie Jones (3) -...
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    Out of Reach Question

    Don't know if I'm the only one who noticed this but in Out of Reach, as Seagal walks down into the embassy ball, is that Steven's future wife walking into the room behind him? It certainly looks to be, feel free to take a look and correct me if I'm being stupid :-)
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    Have come in recent years to appreciate the kitsch quality of the dubbing in many of Seagal's DTV classics. Just never realised it was prevalent in so many of them: Roundabout from most dubbing to least: Attack Force Submerged Out of Reach Kill Switch Born to Raise Hell Driven to Kill Flight...