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    Gunfighter (2018) - (Seagal no longer attached)

    VMI Worldwide (The Perfect Weapon) are selling a new Seagal movie at Cannes called GUNFIGHTER. An old-school lawman battles a ruthless, deadly gang that has invaded his small town to pull off a brazen daylight heist. No writer or...
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    Run The Jewels Seagal Interview

    Just came across this by accident and was laughing my ass off reading it. The rap group Run The Jewels, or rather one of its members, who is a big fan of Seagal gives an absolutely brutally honest yet hilarious interview regarding his Seagal fandom. I gotta say, I have to agree with many of his...
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    Steven Seagal Granted Serbian Citizenship

    Couldn't post this to the news section and didn't see this mentioned here. The wacky world of Steven Seagal just got a bit wackier, as he gets granted a Serbian Citizenship. The article says that his visit was sponsored by a pro-Russian Serb group. So I guess this is connected to his friendship...
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    Seagal In South Park

    South Park did an episode on fat shaming and they had Steven Seagal in the episode (not the real one of course). Here's a short clip from the episode: If you live in the US you can watch the entire episode for free here:
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    Sniper: Special Ops - Steven Seagal, Rob Van Dam - Directed By Fred Olen Ray

    This one came out of the woodworks just now. Director Fred Olen Ray has been posting pictures to Facebook from a new action/war movie he's been filming in Los Angeles with Rob Van Dam, and just now he posted a new picture and called it a "Steven Seagal movie" so it seems that Seagal will be in...
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    Survivor / Hard Night Fallin' (first 4 Towers) - Dolph Lundgren

    This was a project originally starring Dolph Lundgren and Scott Adkins, but the filming got delayed and now it seems Seagal and Hauer are starring. Viro (Rutger Hauer), a mysterious criminal mastermind, partners with a disenchanted woman in a nefarious plot to steal a massive cache of gold from...
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    Code Of Honor - Steven Seagal, Craig Sheffer (completed)

    CODE OF HONOR Director: Michael Winnick Cast: Steven Seagal Craig Sheffer Helena Mattsson James Russo Plot: Colonel Robert Sikes is on a mission to rid his city of crime. As a stealthy, one-man assault team, he will take on street gangs, mobsters, and politicians with extreme prejudice until...