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    The Foreigner (now on Digital)

    I really liked The Foreigner, but at times, I had problems finding out the solution of the events - lot of double-triple agents. Probably he could reveal the solution of the connection between the characters. :D
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    New movie The Legend of Johnny Jones

    FEATURE FILM THE LEGEND OF JOHNNY JONES | Indiegogo - honestly, I don't think that this project has the professional experience and talent behind it to be a huge hit. On the other hand the 2021 fall date seems to be unrealistic as well..
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    Movies Killing Salazar - Steven Seagal, Luke Goss, Georges St Pierre (completed)

    The movie is being aired right now in Hungary on movie channel Mozi+...
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    Dolph Lundgren- Missionary Man trailer!!

    The Mechanic was great too, Dolph really knows what he is doing, with his obvious talent as a director delivers quality.
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    Another great clip from the show, very funny:
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    Press Conference Photos - Canada (Jan 12, 2007)

    Looking at this photo, he should advertise Photoshop.
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    New Seagal interview

    A very interesting interview:
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    Review : The Foreigner

    I love this movie. My ringtone on the cell phone is the opening music of this film. :D And you probably know my site :)
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    Music Steven Seagal & Thunderbox-Blues Band Events and Concerts-2007

    I don't think to post pictures about people consuming drugs. I think the mentioned actor may have done questionable things in the past, but we should respect the way he turned his life.
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    Music Steven Seagal & Thunderbox-Blues Band Events and Concerts-2007

    Well, I think you should try to think about these informations with a cool head. For example on the website of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Turkey is listed as a country with higher than average security risks. So myself as a Hungarian citizen should reconsider any trip to your...
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    Steven Must Look In This Pic Shape

    I don't like that picture. I think he looked much better in Out of reach, I think in that movie he looked quite like in Exit wounds. Just look at this, he looks exactly like he did en Exit Wounds. I think if he was able to loose so much weight between BOTB and OOR, he should do that before...
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    Into The Sun Reviews

    First of all I'd like to say that I really liked the movie, have rented and bought it, and watched it several times, and I nearly steal a poster of it, but, well, I decided not to do that . :D I'd like to ask two questions: The first question is about the ending of the film: was it...
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    Music Steven Seagal & Thunderbox-Blues Band Events and Concerts-2007

    Some good news, perhaps for me, as I live 80-100 kms from the place: "Pozsony. Szeptemberben Pozsonyba látogat Steven Seagal. Bár sokan akcióhősként ismerik, a szlovák fővárosba énekesként érkezik. „Meglepőnek tűnhet, de Steven valóban énekel. És nagyszerű énekes“ – mondta a P.U.S.C.A...
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    Review : Shadow Man

    I don't quite understand why you think that if you don't like a plot and an editing technique then it is "crap", "sub par", and "outdated". I think we may call something "crap" when it "violates" the rules of the industry, let that industry be the editing, scrpitwriting industry or whatever...
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    Review : Shadow Man

    I just happen to be lucky enough to have seen SM. A few quick thoughts: +: + The production values are quite high. The locations, inside and outside are carefully selected, the costumes, furnitures are looking very good. The look of the movie is great, every scene is beautiful, a pleasure to...
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    Review : Shadow Man

    What a joke! Wasn't it you, who edited out parts of an illegal copy, and uploaded it on this site?
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    Steven at Moscow

    It is very interesting that Seagal answered a question about his weight problems, and even more surprising that he admitted the fact that he has to take a diet.
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    Help please!

    Print Screen - beside Scroll Lock
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    Help please!

    Ultimate solution - but a bit complicated -: Make a screenshot by pressing the PrtScr button. Then run Paint for example, paste the screenshot, then cut the desired photo, copy it on the clipboard, and paste it as a new image in another Paint.
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    Custom Mercenary For Justice - Trailer # 2

    I am really shocked that this site still encourages piracy. No way can this 9 miniute long "trailer" be defined anything else than a stolen footage of MFJ, with some scenes edited out. I thought that those who keep this site running have respect for Seagal, for the law and for those who...