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  1. Seagal1969

    Seagal and Schwarzenegger talking in public

  2. Seagal1969

    Bruce McGill on working with Seagal (Exit Wounds)
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    Seagal on the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" (1995)

    New video but I already know it because I have it on DVD-R.
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    Seagal hysterically crying

    According to this former mob guy Seagal was so afraid of the mob that he was hysterically crying in a back room. Hilarious story.
  5. Seagal1969

    Chuck Norris talking about Seagal

    Watch from minute 4:30. Hilarious at 6:15 when Norris answered if Seagal is real or not.
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    Martial Artist Scott Adkins interviewed Seagal

    Scott Adkins interviewed a lot of martial artists in the last couple of weeks during the pandemic. His show is called "The Art of Action". You can watch the episodes on YouTube. Every interview takes 1 hour. Scott posted a trailer that his next interview will be with Seagal. Today he posted...
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    Saturday Night Live: Steven Seagal
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    Sharon Stone talks briefly about Seagal and "Above the Law"

    Watch from 3:42 on. She calls him Steve Seagal:D.
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    Seagal on the death of George Floyd

    Seagal onInstagram: This is the most outrageous thing I ever seen in my life. This cop should go to jail for murder and spend the rest of his life behind bars. He is truly a danger to society. How can people like this ever get a badge and a gun and represent any police force of any kind...
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    Edward Norton loved Seagal when he was in his prime

    Actor Edward Norton loves the "old" Seagal movies when Seagal was in his prime.
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    Gene LeBell vs Seagal (the real story) I don´t know if the link will work. If not I´m going to tell you some details about what really happened between the two.
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    It´s confirmed! Seagal really met Bruce Lee before Lee´s death

    I´m in touch with Ron Balicki (the father of his wife is Daniel Inosanto). He told me on facebook that Seagal really met Bruce Lee at James Coburn´s house. A lot of internet freaks said (e.g. on YouTube) that Seagal is a liar and that he hasn´t met Bruce Lee but they´re wrong. Here´s the...
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    Another crazy Seagal story: Seagal vs Arnold Schwarzenegger

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    Morris Chestnut interview on Seagal

    Yesterday Morris Chestnut was on the D.L. Hughley Show and he talked briefly about Steven Seagal. He said that Seagal was inconsiderate and hurt stuntmen on the set. Chestnut worked with Seagal on "Under Siege 2" and "Half Past Dead". Seagal is such an idiot. I knew that he hurt stuntmen on...
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    another unbelievable Seagal story

    Makes somebody speechless. Another Seagal paranoia story.
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    new Seagal interview from his prime(1992)

    That´s the Seagal I once loved so much. Enjoy it!
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    Isaiah Washington comment on Seagal

    His "Exit Wounds" co-star has some hilarious anecdotes about Seagal. Makes someone speechless as always:
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    Christian Tissier Says That Seagal ......

    is not a great Aikido guy. He says that Seagal claimed to be a 5th degree black belt at a time when he was only a first degree black belt. He says that Seagal is not as good in Aikido as he believes. Tissier holds a 8degree black belt in Aikido. Watch for yourself. I´m surprised to hear that...
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    Liam Neeson Talked About Seagal On Jimmy Kimmel

    Typical Seagal story.