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  1. DiDa

    new interview from 1988 (Seagal promoting "Above the Law")

    Never saw this! Thanks!
  2. DiDa

    Bounty - Steven Seagal, Michael Jai White

    Well, it means the project is still alive... Maybe it's being sold at Cannes right now
  3. DiDa

    The Action Elite discussing Above The Law

    Check this out. Great talk about Seagal's first movie Above The Law (Nico)
  4. DiDa

    New youtube video Seagal with Jesse Enkamp

    Finally something new. Its great to see Seagal again. He looks happy. So there will be a second video of this 'interview'.
  5. DiDa

    Steven Seagal / Putin

    Now Putin invaded Ukraine I am wondering if Seagal is still supporting Putin, because it's a shame what he did. What do you guys think?
  6. DiDa

    The Patriot (now on Blu-ray!)

    New German Bluray release of The Patriot
  7. DiDa

    Interview i never seen before.

    I also haven't seen this one. It's during the time of Under Siege
  8. DiDa

    Stories about Seagal (from director's , co-stars....)

    Titus Paar (director of The Perfect Weapon) contacted me and send me a new interview that he did where he talks about Seagal. He said now it's the time to finally spill the beans how it really was to work with Steven Seagal......and yes there are a lot of new 'Seagal stories'. Enjoy
  9. DiDa

    Seagal done making movies??

    Yes, it's a sad time for Seagal fans. Hopefully he will shoot something this year.
  10. DiDa

    Seagal done making movies??

    Looks decent!
  11. DiDa

    Warner Bros remaking Under Siege.

    Sorry, I am late to the party. I have no connections with this director unfortunately. I think asking on Twitter is the best possibility.
  12. DiDa


    I really don't know. I ordered it directly from Albert at that time. I will look for it and let you know.
  13. DiDa

    The Action Elite talking On Deadly Ground

  14. DiDa

    Stories about Seagal (from director's , co-stars....)

    Interview producer Binh Dang
  15. DiDa

    Stories about Seagal (from director's , co-stars....)

    Interview Keoni Waxman
  16. DiDa

    Seagal done making movies??

    Thanks! Also a great Steven Seagal story (starting at 49:00)