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  1. bellyofb

    game of death

    new movie with snipes is out. does anyone seen it yet?
  2. bellyofb

    Art of War 2

    i´ve just watched snipes newest action flick called "art of war 2" and its his best dtv work and also a production of insight film ( + good opical for a dtv production + no visible doubles (also no over shoulder doubles) + looks like he did his own fighting +...
  3. bellyofb

    what kind of seagal merchandise article you have

    i bought a poster of 'marked for death' (Link), in germany it is called 'zum töten freigegeben' and yesterday a friend of mine, who knows a guy that works in a video store, gave me as a gift a big size cinema poster of submerged. it consists of synthetic material, no crapy paper. look at the...