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    Happy Birthday Kokoro

    Rob, I hope you have a wonderful birthday full of all your wishes. (I know I'm a little early but not sure when I will get time online again this week... too many baseball tournaments) Enjoy your day!! Don't party too wild down under :D :D BB Lady
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    A smile for your day

    I got this from a friend. Did you know that you could see anyone's driver's license on the internet - including your own? I just searched for mine and there it was...picture and all! Maybe we should start up a petition or something protesting this. What do you think? Go to the website and...
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    Happy Birthday MMCK2

    Hope you have a great birthday! BB Lady:)
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    Happy Birthday Felicia Storm

    Hope you have a wonderful day!! BB Lady
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    Suzi, This morning as I watched TV, Good Morning America was broadcasting from Istanbul, Turkey and I thought of you. They showed fantastic palaces, the caves built by the Byzantines, the street markets, and several other places. They also talked about it's history. It was interesting to...