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    Steven Seagal helped Anderson Silva with KO front kick

    Here is the after fight interview w/ Seagal:|main5|dl3|sec1_lnk2|41824
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    Seagal buys new house in AZ BUYER: Steven Seagal LOCATION: Scottsdale, AZ PRICE: $3,500,000 SIZE: 8,450 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 5 full and 2 half bathrooms
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    Movies "Machete" -Red Band Trailer Online

    Did anyone notice that Seagal & Danny Trejo already worked together in a movie? And it was a movie where Seagal killed Trejo with a machete....
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    Movies "Machete" -Red Band Trailer Online

    Here is a direct link to the new one:
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    Seagal sex harrassment suit dismissed
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    If anyone cares?

    Seagal was born in MI - his 'dark skin' is the product of fake hollywood tanning, & his dark hair is certainly not his own. I hope yours is more natural... :)
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    PETITION: Fans that would like to help produce a Seagal movie

    They should run an auction to be an extra in one of his films, & maybe have different levels: one level, you can be someone who gets beat up by him, another, someone who stands next to him, etc.... Recently, there were a couple of auctions to win a featured extra role in a couple of Clint...
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    new official site

    On the new site, in the movies section, it says that James Mason gave Seagal acting advice. Now, English actor James Mason died in 1984, 4 yrs before Above the Law came out. Is this the James Mason Seagal is referring to? Is this yet another embellishment on Seagal's part re: his past? Me...
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    Movies On The Run - Trailer

    I really hate. When movie previews. Talk in three words. Every few seconds.
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    Television Lawman - Trailer

    Seems the series already is the subject of a lawsuit...
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    Other Twitter - Official Steven Seagal Postings

    The Twitter link is actually on his official home page, so it just might be. But it is probably an assistant who writes. I laughed, however, because on his 'myspace' page, it shows that he has "13293 BILLION friends." HA!
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    Steven Seagal Meets with Costa Rica President

    He obviously hasn't seen Seagal's latest straight-to-DVD movies...
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    NO mind set.
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    Seagal blames FBI for his poor career...,0,5312950.story?page=1&coll=la-home-local
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    Steven mentioned in new Bruce Beresford book Yep it was made - straight to video starring John Cusak & Morgan Freeman. Must've been really bad to have these two go straight to vid. Interesting Beresford said no to Seagal because he thought he was typecast in action, but 'The Contract'...
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    Steven mentioned in new Bruce Beresford book

    Wonder what movie it was supposed to be for...
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    Steven mentioned in new Bruce Beresford book

    Let me know how it is - I like him as a director; one of my favorite films was 'Breaker Morant'. I think that has been proven with his straight to video flicks & all the obvious uses of doubles & all the controversy it has caused here.
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    Seagal finally sells Oil Farm...

    From the WSJ: "Movie action hero Steven Seagal has sold a 995-acre northern CA farm he used to produce his line of oils, but he is keeping the much larger ranch across the road. Seagal sold the farm for about $2.5 million to rock musician Ando Hixson. The property, in Montague, 30 miles...
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    Aikido/Jeet Kune Do

    What else do you see?
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    War - Starring Jet Li ( trailer inside )

    He later said he wasn't going to stop 'action' movies, but meant he would not do 'martial arts' films, like Fearless - which was AWESOME!