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  1. Lonewolf

    Steven Seagal answers his fans on Facebook!!!

    Dear Friends! Lately i have been on facebook!Steven has a fansite there!everyone can join! Steven appears from time to time and answers some fan questions!!! I have asked him about his Aikido,if he felt it was closer to Jujitsu than the regular Aikido!!!I got no answer so far but i may have...
  2. Lonewolf

    The Martial Arts book thread

    Hi!could we talk about Martial Arts books? Here is a good one:
  3. Lonewolf

    The Prisoner

    long ago,about ten years ago I was in a bar and I read through a Magazine that there was some TV series which was going to made into a movie:that was the Famous TV Seies "The Prisoner" with Patrick Mac Goohan! Three actors were thought of for the part:Mel Gibson,Kevin Costner and I don't...
  4. Lonewolf

    Fun Gestures

    I would like to know which gestures you favor?and why? And also at what time? Not necessarily while driving!LOL!See what I mean? And also how you call these little gestures!
  5. Lonewolf

    Your Favorite T.V Series?

    I would like to know which TV series was your favorite? Cab you describe this series and tell what you liked most about it?
  6. Lonewolf

    The Meaning of Tengu in Japanese Martial Arts

    hello ! I heard of the Tengu in some Martial Arts! Some say it is some sort of a demon,a Raven who has powers in Martial Arts and who was used to teach Martial Arts! I really don't know that much about it! Can someone explain this if they know more? Is it only to be found in Ninjutsu? Or...
  7. Lonewolf

    OK!How many of you are for real???

    OK!Let's cut the crap! How many of you have been in real fights? Even once! How much can you handle? I mean the real thing!When you had to fight for your Honor!Your Girlfriend's! Or your Life! Tell us!!!
  8. Lonewolf

    Bruce Willis On French TV

    Hi! the other day I saw Bruce Willis on TV.Not in a Movie but he was giving an interview! The Host was agressive towards him,he told him he was some poor little guy from New Jersey. Bruce did not get too aggravated he calmly answered the poor sod who was interviewing him! The Trailer of...
  9. Lonewolf

    Blind test

    Hello everybody! Can someone tell me who wrote this,or the Band? "...In dark places we will be, forever beyond the light. In dark places we will be,forever beyond the light! ...Through arching moonbeams of light we glide, In bending shadows of warm starlight. Angels of colors light the...
  10. Lonewolf

    meet me in the Gallery section

    hi everyone! For those of you who want to see what I look like meet me in the Gallery section!I left a few pictures there! I did not want to at first but my Girl insisted so...! Peace! lonewolf