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  1. SenseiSeagal

    Do you own every Seagal movie to date?

    Here's my Seagal collection right now. I only want to buy his best movies I can rewatch and there's so many of his films that are honestly so bad I cannot even watch so those are not worth of bying. I still miss The Glimmer Man, Driven to Kill, Force of Execution and Attrition but after those I...
  2. SenseiSeagal

    All Steven Seagal movie reviews in YouTube

    I watched all his reviews. They were pretty entertaining to watch. Yes, there's a lot of bashing when he reviews Seagal's worst DTV's but every time he had a point! He also had A lot of behind the scenes info. If you have a free time I recommend to check them out! Link to all his reviews...
  3. SenseiSeagal

    Seagal Blu-ray releases

    Which Seagal films have not been released on blu-ray? From his 90s stuff On Deadly Ground? The Glimmer Man? Sadly the blu-ray releases I have (ABTL, HTK, MFD for example) the video quality is almost same as in DVD.
  4. SenseiSeagal

    I'm back first time since 2013!

    I just wanted to say hello to all Seagal fans all around the world! My last post here was from 2013. Why I was gone? Well, I was a huge Seagal fan 10 years ago (and still are) but I just got bored of watching his DTV stuff. I owned every single Seagal movie til 2010 but after Force of...
  5. SenseiSeagal

    Steven Seagal would have been perfect for "Taken" movies

    I saw Taken 1 (2009) yesterday and thought that Liam Neeson's role would have been perfect part for Mr. Seagal. Now Seagal would have great movie franchise.
  6. SenseiSeagal

    Seagal's weight

    I mean Seagal is almost 60 years old and it is dangerous to be so much overweight in that age.. he should think his health and start to lose his weight. He did it back in 2000-2001 and I'm sure he can do it again. :)
  7. SenseiSeagal

    DTV ACTION STARS: SEAGAL/Snipes/Van Damme. Interesting read.

    They – and usually ‘They’ is someone whose never set foot on a movie set in their life, nor are they the type of person who could tell you who played ‘Hicks’ in “Aliens” was or what Roy Scheider’s characters name in “Jaws” was – say Steven Seagal is a has-been. Those some people say the same...
  8. SenseiSeagal

    What do you guys think of RAMBO?

    I think it was very good! 9/10 Your thoughts?
  9. SenseiSeagal

    Hi everyone..

    :) I'm new here. Sorry, my english isn't very good..but i hope you understand me.. :) I'm from Finland and have been huge Seagal-fan for many years... I own almost all Seagal movies on DVD and my TOP 10 "Sensei" movies are: 1. Out For Justice 2. Hard To Kill 3. Under Siege 4. Above The...