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    Hello all my dearest friends

    I miss you and hope everyone is well..
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    Other Steven Seagal in Turkey

    US actor Steven Seagal, part of his visit to Turkey various contacts, will also be a meeting with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
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    To all my dearest friends

    it's been a long time and I missed all of you I will try to come more eternal loves to all of you kind regards, suzi
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    Street Wars

    From: Dave Nestoff to me "Hi Suzi, I’m contacting on behalf of the outreach team for Street Wars, Steven Seagal's newest Redbox release which comes out June 3. Given the amount of unique Seagal content on the site, I thought I’d reach out and see how we could collaborate. Besides the film...
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    I missed all of you and I missed Steven too sooooooooooooooooo then I will be here often :) greetings
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    Patrick Faoro Sensei received a 5° dan aikikai.

    Patrick Faoro Sensei (Wago Dojo) from France being promoted to 5th dan under Shihan Seagal yesterday! For more information please visit
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    Happy Birthday Mr. Steven Seagal April 10, 2012
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    Steven Seagal at United Arab Emirates !!

    Steven and his family visited United Arab Emirates.. Photos Link is here:
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    A Happy New Year

    May the New Year brings a beautiful dawn tou your life which is colorful and pleasant as you are.. A Happy New Year to All Steven Seagal Fans
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    Merry Christmas to all Steven Seagal's Fan

    May the year ahead be Happy, Healthy and Peaceful. Cheers ! Merry Christmas my dear Friends
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    Happy Birthday my dear friend and many many more.. I love you..
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    Steven Seagal at Astana !!!

    Steven Seagal to attend Astana Action International Film Festival Steven Seagal will visit the Second Annual Astana Action International Film Festival. The names of Hollywood, Kazakhstan and Russian stars expected to come to Astana on July 1-5 were unveiled on June 22, reports...
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    Which music is this ?

    Does anybody know what is playing in the back in this scene ? Thanks a lot .. suzi
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    Steven Seagal Asks For Russian PM Vladimir Putin's Support in Immortality Research

      Steven Seagal Asks For Russian PM Vladimir Putin's Support in Immortality Research   MOSCOW, May 16, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Renowned actor and martial artist Steven Seagal has written an open letter to Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, asking the Prime Minister's support of the "Russia...
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    Steven Seagal is Grand Marshal for Cave Creek's Fiesta Days

    Steven Seagal is grand marshal for Cave Creek's Fiesta Days When Steven Seagal got word of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, it hit close to home. The country has given him many things to be thankful for. He grew up in Japan and much of his time spent there has formed who he is now - he...
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    Steven Seagal joins Sheriff Arpaio in immigration raid in Phoenix today

    Friday afternoon Sheriff Arpaio, America’s toughest sheriff, needed to enlist the help of fictional hero Steven Seagal to crack down on immigration. Stephen Seagal joins Sheriff Arpaio in hunting immigrants. 7 dangerous men and 3 women from the ultra-secret society of ninjas had to be...
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    Steven Seagal helped Anderson Silva with KO front kick

    Action film star Steven Seagal accompanied UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva to the Octagon at UFC 126 on Saturday night before Silva knocked Vitor Belfort out with a highlight reel front kick. Seagal was not just there for star power. According to Silva, he learned the kick from Seagal...
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    A Happy New Year !!!

    A Happy New Year to all my friends and to all Members of Steven Seagal Unofficial Site. I love all of you .. Best Wishes
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    Reality Rocks Awards-Steven Seagal: Lawman

    Please vote this link: RealityRocks. The ultimate Reality TV fan experience. April 9-10, 2011. Los Angeles Convention Center.