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    Seagal Circa 92?!/StevenSeagalItalia/videos/858059644314171/?pnref=story
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    Where is Arissa?

    Is Steven and Arissa still together or are they officially apart now?? I have'nt seen a picture of them together for quite some time now. Being that he is on the road a lot with movies and his music there is a lot of opportunity to break up and get with other women on the road. I'm assuming...
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    Seagal talks about Brandon Lee's death
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    Charles Bronson dies at 81

    One of the great action stars has left us and he will be missed..They dont make em like the older action stars anymore..Very sad news indeed..
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    Out for a Kill returns???

    Have any of you seen how OFAk has been doing on the dvd and video sales? I dont even see it in the top 25 which is not good at all..Even Narc is still ahead of it and that has been out for a long time.. Whats going on; did'nt anyone rent or buy OFAK besides me?
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    I got something you guys dont...

    I went by a video rental store today and to my shock the store was renting Out for a Kill. I started a membership and rented it along with The Good Thief(which is also not due out until auguat 19th). I think its illegal in the US and a law was passed here a few years ago but it has never been...
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    Van Damm to star in Swan Lake!

    Did you guys hear about this latest rumour concerning The Muscles from Brussels. He has been tapped to star in "Swan Lake". Finally a role made just for him. I guess the critics will give this one a great review. Its definately a film made for him though..I saw the story at and on...
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    Belly Of The Beast

    Do any of you remember what the premise of this movie is. I seem to have forgotten. I also see where Out For a Kill is showing in POST PRODUCTION. Has he really already finished filming Out For a Kill?
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    Dark Blue and The Life Of David Gale

    I'm really looking forward to seeing these two movies and both will be out this week..Dark Blue with Kurt Russell has the look of Training Day and Kurt looks like he is back in form for this outing-my type of action flick here.. The Life of David Gale looks to be a seriously engrossing drama...
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    Hello Again

    Hey guys, Missed you all and glad to be back among Seagal fans..It sure has been a busy few months for the big man has'nt it. I think its gonna be a better year for movies all around this year and now Seagal is busier than ever too.. Good to see a lot of my old friends from the old site-I was...