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    What pet(s) do you have?

    hi everyone i have an unusual dog he is a cross between a staff and a great dane ..he is a rescue dog .his weight is six and a half stone . we have had him for six months he is four and completly mad he has some weird habits he chases shadows .he licks all the doors . we are trying to stop this...


    can you please tell me what has hapened to the games in the arcade . its all changed . i tried to play baloon bomber but cant find it can someone help me help to find it . thankue .


    Can you please tell me what has hapened to the game balloon bomber in the arcade .You used to be able to make it full screen now you cant and on the last part of the game you can see the balloon but not the barrels .or the barrels but not the balloon so its imposible to play the game properly...

    Would Elvis like Steven Seagal?

    Hello i am a great fan of both steven and elvis ,I think that they would have got on very well they have a lot in common not just martial arts . but music . but as astrology signs capricorn elvis . and aries steven . have the same sense of humour and like playing pranks and kicking but . god...

    Hi to all im new

    Hi tony welcome to this great site . i to live in england i dont think you are far from me i live in northampton .I hope you have fun looking round the site .Would like to hear back from you . god bless . sheila

    2day'z Word.

    hello sad is how i feel god bless . sheila.

    Wearing Right Now.

    Hello i am wearing a pair of shorts and a bikini top its so hot god bless . sheila

    Official Site is Gone !!!

    Hello Suzi i checked out the site it is still there i just had to register again .They said they would send me a email and news letter .god bless .sheila

    I might leave for good.

    Hello Mason Sorry to hear about your trouble with your computer . I had the same problems but some friend of mine fixed it for me it was going so slow . They down loaded a few new things on my computer i live in england so hope you can get the same as me . They are zone labs free. AVG free...

    Describe Your Day In One Word.

    Hello one word .DEPRESSING sheila

    Does this horoscope describe your REAL personality?

    Hello i found that horoscope insulting i would like to get hold of the person who wrote it they are stupid i am a capricorn and that was nothing like me . Other capricorns ( Mel gibson . des oconner to name only two they wouldn't have got where they are today if you went by this trash . just my...

    I'm fan of Steven Seagal

    Hello Jenny Welcome to this great site hope you have a good time looking around .I love to chat .would love to know more about you your hobbies ect please send me a message if you would like to talk god bless. sheila


    Hello I love reading i would be lost without a good book. I like horrors like steven king or james herbert .they are very good . I also love animal books . god bless . sheila

    new member

    Hello sslover Welcome to this great site .I hope you get your cd soon its fantastic i got mine in december just in time for christmas it was the best christmas gift i could have got i have not stopped playing it i love all the songs and music .Have fun looking round there is so much to see have...


    Hello Wambui Welcome to the best site there is a lot to see hope you have fun looking around .If you have eney problems just ask everyone is so friendly and helpful .We all love watching stevens films and listening to his music he has a lovely voice . god bless. sheila

    Steven Seagal Question!

    Hello I was also wondering has eneyone ever had a reply to fan mail sent to Mr seagal i wrote to him to congratulate him on the release of his album songs from the crystal cave because i enjoyed it so much as did everyone else .I thought he was trying to get so many messages across to all of us...

    Internet scam alert

    Hello I got the same email from my bank barclays. i phoned them and they asked me to send them the email i had received so they could send it to their fraud unit.I didn't send eney of my details to them but it makes you wonder if online banking is as safe as its supposed to be. god bless . sheila

    Share some random facts about yourself!

    Hello I have a fear of mice and rats i know they are all gods creatures but they move so fast .When i was a little girl i got locked in a shed by some other kids and the mice were in there with me it was horrible i have never got over my fear . god bless . sheila.

    Other Official Site is Opened !!!

    Hello I have just visited the official fan site and i am not impressed there is so much more on this site .And when is steven going to do his welcome video its been promised for a long time so when is it going to happen i think its rubbish this site should be the official site as it is the...


    Hello mut Welcome to this great ss fan site i live in england as well hope you have fun finding your way around .There is a lot to see please tell us more about yourself . hobbies ect . god bless . sheila