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    How Did You Discover Seagal?

    i first heard of stevens movies 6 years ago or more when i saw my dad watching tv. i sat down with him and watched it, after i asked my dad what it was and he said its a steven segal film out for justice. after that seagal became my idol and i have been collecting his films ever since. peace out.
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    Old Seagal movie articles

    thanks steve there exellent articals whats new cause i have been away
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    The Official Steven Seagal Memorabillia Thread!

    yo if any use i have all his films and i have got the same jacket that he wore in the film patriot you now the indian jacket
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    If You Could Ask Seagal One Question What Would It Be?

    who was your sensei? or how long did it take you to train? or how old was you when you started?
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    View Seagal's demo at Aikido fest in Japan here...

    i agree with you lotussan bye the way my name is lewis
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    Seagal's handprints...

    hi serena my name is lewis im prety new how about you and have you seen all steven segals films
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    Will Aikido be replaced by Daito-ryu in the next two Decade

    no because aikedio is more afective and has been proven so in last five hundred years
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    Your most practical technique

    i prefer the wrist lock as well because its most evective when the agresser grabs you
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    If You Could Ask Seagal One Question What Would It Be?

    my question to steven seagal is who is your marshle arts teacher name and how long did you train for and how old was you started training
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    Your most practical technique

    i prefer shoulder locks because you can restrain them with out any effort and i also like neck locks because all the while they are in the lock you are in control.
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    Seagal's daughter in The Patriot

    i think I reckon steven segals daughter is the one who travels to the underground bunker with him and helps to come up with a cure