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  1. Reservoir Dog

    Legendary Comedian Rodney Dangerfield Dies

    Legendary comedian Rodney Dangerfield dies. This guy was my favorite. Such a shame. Comic Rodney Dangerfield Dies in L.A. at Age 82 23 minutes ago Entertainment - Reuters By Steve Gorman LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Rodney Dangerfield (news), the goggle-eyed comic famed for his...
  2. Reservoir Dog

    "How to become an action star", according to JCVD

    Jean Claude Van Damme OFFICIAL NEWSLETTER September 2004 _______________________ NEW UPDATE ON KUMITE FROM JCVD The 2005 drama ³KUMITE² fight story will be made with my very best effort... not to just reach the heart of the people, but also the heart of the warrior... The movie...
  3. Reservoir Dog

    What is the most underrated/overrated Seagal film

    What do you think is the most underrated Seagal film? Not neccesarily your favorite, but a film that you think didnt get the credit it deserved. The same thing goes for most overrated, a Seagal film you dont think is as good as everyone says it is. Also, in which performance do you think...
  4. Reservoir Dog

    Updates at Steven Seagal official site

    Just got back from the official site. They have added a "community forum" as well as changed the "chat room" into an actual chat room. Both are still under construction. In addition, the "current news" page uses a portion of the "official" message steven seagal supposedly left on the message...
  5. Reservoir Dog

    A piece of trivia on Seagal films.

    According to IMDB, 8 cast members from "Under Siege" went on to make "The Fugitive" in 1993, and at least 3 of those same cast members were in "Above the Law". All of these movies were directed by Andrew Davis.
  6. Reservoir Dog

    Some interesting info on the crew of "Into the Sun"

    Just went over to IMDB to research the people who are involved with "Into the Sun". Found some interesting information. Joe Halpink, the writer: Tracee Stanley, Executive Producer* *I don't know what is...
  7. Reservoir Dog

    Van Damme has some tips on how to stay in shape, plus news on "Kumite"

    This was an excerpt taking from an email I got subscribing to the Van Damme newsletter. It has some advice on how to stay healthy and in shape (take notes, Seagal) as well as some limited info on "Kumite". Enjoy. Jean Claude Van Damme OFFICIAL NEWSLETTER August 2004...
  8. Reservoir Dog

    "The Foreigner" becomes #78 on list of worst movies of all time

    IMDB has "The Foreigner" listed as #78 on it's bottom 100 films off all time. This is worse than it may sound, mainly because most of the others on the list are theatrical releases. This means that potentially all of Seagal's DTV could find a place on the list in the near future, because they...
  9. Reservoir Dog

    Bad News: Poor Rental Sales for OOR

    Looks like "Out of Reach" wasn't as succesful as we all thought. According to IMDB's list of the top Rentals in America for the week July 18th- July 25th, "OOR" did not even enter in the TOP 50 sales in America. In comparison, "Belly of the Beast" maintained 7th place on the charts in it's...
  10. Reservoir Dog

    New Seagal Biography written at IMDB

    (This was the new Biography written yesterday, for Seagal) Tall, striking and somewhat boyishly handsome looking (often with ponytail), and usually impeccably dressed action star who burst onto the martial arts film scene in 1988 in the fast paced Warner Bros. production _Above The Law...
  11. Reservoir Dog

    Possible Licenese Plates for a Seagal fan

    Keep in mind, I was quite bored when I decided to start this thread. Here are my ideas for a Seagal fan's personalized license plate. "Markd4df"-Marked for Death "Hard2KL"-Hard To Kill "UndrSg"-Under Siege "Submrgd"-Submerged "hfpstded"-Half Past Dead "Outfrch"- Out of reach "Out4akl"-...
  12. Reservoir Dog

    New Entrance Page on Seagal Official Site!!

    Unfortunately, it looks very very cheap. man, oh man, I really am frustrated. I want to email this "steam-roller productions" the Van Damme movie site. Give them some tips on how to make a site look like it is intended for a respected action star and martial artist, and not a two year olds...
  13. Reservoir Dog

    Van Damme's new movie has an official web page, and it's awesome

    "Wake of Death", Van Damme's newest thriller, has a webpage. Yes, it is going DTV, but that didnt stop them from making a website for it, did it? The website for this movie is nicer than Steven Seagal's Official site, which is very sad. Whoever Van Damme's publicist is, in the words of Tommy...
  14. Reservoir Dog

    A question for those who have seen OOR

    How is the soundtrack, and does it go well with each scene?
  15. Reservoir Dog

    Official Site Updated!!

    The site has been updated. I didnt get a chance to look around, but everything seems to be finished. Im going over to look now! Finally!!
  16. Reservoir Dog

    "Out of Reach" sales record on Amazon a record high!!! Sales Rank (DVD): 964 Very good! It broke 1,000!!! Way to go, Seagal!!!
  17. Reservoir Dog

    Should we boycott the official site?

    The official site is possibly one of the worst websites on the internet. Period. I think that all members on this site should boycott the official site until the webmaster gets the message that changes should be made. I think someone should organize some form of giving a message to Seagal's...
  18. Reservoir Dog

    Look at what the Webmaster at Seagal official site said!!!!

    Posted ByWebmaster on July 14, 2004 at 15:14:32: Steven Seagal is an idiot. He is rude and obnoxious and a bad actor. He is so bad people in Hollywood dont want to have anything to do with him. He is an embarrasment to the film and needs to lose weight. The only reason I run this site is...
  19. Reservoir Dog

    Trailer for New Jackie Chan Movie is looking Good!!!! There is the link to the trailer. It is called "New Police Story", and looks like the classic action cinema from the '80s. It looks very good, although I am not sure if it will be released anywhere but Asia.
  20. Reservoir Dog

    Im only gone for a week...

    ...and I come back to find I missed so much. I was just over at the official site. That's a pretty big letdown. They are still in the early phases, so Im sure it will be improved. Has the "Out of Reach" trailer arrived? Probably not, but oh well. Any news on any upcoming movies or announcements...