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    My copy of Half Past Dead

    Today I watched the HPD from DVD It is a good film. I liked every scene and happy that I have purchased the dvd copy. The only scene which I did not like is the hairstyle of Mr Seagal when they found the gold. I believe it is almost as good as "EW" and sorry that I will not be able to...
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    My Copy of "The Foreigner"

    I waited a day before writting my comments My copy of the film costed me approximately US$ 50 with the shipping and I am not sorry to spend this amount. Seagal was very good in the film. But I wish he lost some weight (so do I) The story itself is not very efficient . Some scenes were not...
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    Happy birthday Suzie

    :D Happy Birthday Suzie May you live long:D
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    :D I believe that this is the place where you are supposed to introduce yourselves. Well this is my turn I am a male and was born in 28 February 1950 Working in tourism business for the last 34 years. Now I am the Assistant General Manager in a Company Like to listen music and have a MP3...
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    :D Hi everybody... I am new in this site. You can say I am not the biggest fan of Mr Seagal but I like and admire him. Previously I watched his one of the latest films " Half Past Dead" from a pirate vcd.. It was really nice. Anyway savadee from me to you (Which is best of all wishes in...