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    Steven Seagal attended Hustle and Flow Premiere !!!

    Poor Steven If Only He Did Know He Was Chased By Ladies, I Wonder What He Will Say. Boy I Am Lucky I Am Not As Famous As He Is.eventhough I Can Say I Am Good Looking!!
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    Movies Out For A Kill Released And Reviewed

    I do not know why VHS is still in considiration when DVD is round. OFAK is a good movie one can enjoy
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    Withdrawl symptoms -- I missed you all!

    :D Thank you Craig It is nice to be back home... By the way best wishes fron Rodrigo to all
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    Happy birthday Mr Seagal, may you lead a prosperious life
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    Poll: would you like to see Steven Seagal lose weight?

    I am in the same age with Seagal and have the same problem.. Overweight.. Loosinng some will do good for both of us.:D
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    What a shame Bush !!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha

    All the people of the world are nice Rodrigo.
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    Other Gotti & 6 take fall in Brooklyn !!!

    Nice to hear some good news I hope it is for the benefit of Seagal
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    My Review of Half Past Dead

    I totally agree with you. It is a good action packed film and exciting
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    My copy of Half Past Dead

    Today I watched the HPD from DVD It is a good film. I liked every scene and happy that I have purchased the dvd copy. The only scene which I did not like is the hairstyle of Mr Seagal when they found the gold. I believe it is almost as good as "EW" and sorry that I will not be able to...
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    Movies Soldier of the Snowline/Genghis Khan

    I believe he will be successful
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    Happy Birthday, Savadee

    Just got back after 15 days of heavy business and found out your nice wishes, it was really nice. Thank you all for your nice wishes and specially to you Lotussan for the start. By the way I am from Istanbul - Turkey and Rodrigo we are not neighbors with Suzy
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    Other One More Wonderful Photo From the Party !!

    Nice picture Suzi
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    Valentine's Day:I love you message

    Good words Mama San that's how I feel too
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    Other Good News From Steven! He is Fine and Happy !! Added 2 more photos!

    Well at last some good things about Seagal. I hope he continues to mingle with society more often. Will clear the image. I am happy for him. Thanks Suzi:D
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    Hull Low

    Hi Kokoro Welcome on board
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    Valentine's Day:I love you message

    Do we need only one day to love each other ? I wonder...:confused:
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    Watched Foreigner last night...

    Hello Horton I didn't wait for DVD REG 2 since I have a multi-reg dvd player and equipment. Since I am in Turkey normally we are in region 2 As for the cat it is about the picture at my signature. My cat's picture, a typical Turkish Cat called Van with one eye blue and other yellow This...
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    Interesting info...

    I don't know why some folks here want the official site to be operative. I visited that site when it was operative. This site is more informative and more friendly. But I will be more happy when some good info on Seagal appears. Like a good film-- like Seagal does that for charity.. etc...
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    Happy Birthday, Leonardo

    Happy birthday Leonardo
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    Other "Risky Business" Fresh News From Mr.Seagal !!! with Drawing Picture from Court!

    I hope he overcomes quickly without any harm to him or his family