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    New movie The Legend of Johnny Jones

    CANCELLED! STEVEN SEAGAL IS NO LONGER INVOLVED! The Legend of Johnny Jones Director: Matt Clark Cast: Steven Seagal, Danny Trejo, Kevin Sorbo, Icaac Singleton Jr, Tom Arnold Hi everyone, I have a lot of new info to share about this project. I 've had a long conversation with the director Matt...
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    I Watched "a Good Man" Yesterfay And It Was Terrible

    I have just watched "A good Man" in TV (I don't buy Seagal'S DTV movies anymore, I know that they are bad). What I can say? I'm a big fan of Mr Seagal, I have all his good mobies (from Above the Law to Exit Wounds) in VHS or DVD; I have also some of his DTV movies in B-ray; I have appreciated...
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    A Good Man, French Cover

    Hey Guys, You can have a look on the french cover of "A Good Man". Quite good I think but I prefer the US one. The movie will be released 1st October. Can't wait to watch it.
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    Steven Seagal Was Right Not To Do Expendables 3

    I saw Expendables 3 yesterday and I was terribly disappointed. The script has no sense (the story based on the replacement of old by young expendables was boring), the action scenes as well as visual effects were terrible (the quality was close to what we can get in a DTV movie), the acting was...
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    I'm Getting Bored.

    Upcoming "A good man", "Absolution".....Steven Seagal is sticked with Waxman in his video movies and seriously I'm getting bored. To be fair, Waxman produced so far bad movies, bad directing, bad editing, etc. and I guess it will be the same for the upcoming projects.
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    New movie poster for "Force of Execution"

    I like it !:)
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    Seagal in Expendables 3

    Hey guys, Maybe a hope. Seagal is back in the cast.